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    The 1Link Module from Neptune Systems will hook up to any current Apex controller and allow control of the WAV pumps. A single 1Link module can control up to 3 separate WAV pumps off a single outlet or two WAV pumps and 1 DOS pump, saving outlets for other pieces of equipment. If you use the 1Link


    …now a fully controllable DC pump with features like full graphing control, temperature, RPM monitoring, and much more all with the WAV pumps and 1Link module.   A powerhead that answers all your needs: Extreme flow (~4000+ gph) Compact size (less total mass compared to nearly all similar flow pumps)…


    Perfect for controlling your RODI system, top off system, calcium reactor, or other low flow items that use 1/4" tubing. The solenoid valves uses the 24V accessory port found on 1Link modules and the EnergyBar 832.


    …power consumption, and 1Link Accessories like the DOS and WAV pump can now connect directly to the Energy Bar 832 saving room, and eliminating messy cords keeping your tanks equipment looking perfect. 8 Relayed Outlets Up to 3 WAV pumps 2x 24VDC accessories Powers other 1Link Accessories Individual…


    You can now use the 24vDC ports that are on the 1Link module and the EnergyBar 832. The 24v DC port will give you the ability to run solenoids, pumps, and fans off a single wire, without having to use any standard outlets for power. The 24v DC ports have give you full outlet style control in a much…


    Replacement Power Supply for Neptune Systems 1Link Module.


    Extension cord for Neptune Systems 1Link accessories that are found on the 1Link module and EnergyBar832. 10 foot extension Male - Female


    Extension cord for Neptune Systems DC24v power systems that are found on the 1Link module and Energy Bar 832. 10 Foot extension Male - Female


    The Neptune Systems 1Link Male x Male 4 pin cable lets you directly connect your DŌS Fluid Metering System to a 1Link module or EnergyBar 832. By having your DŌS system connected through a 1Link port will let you remove the bulky power supply brick saving room and removing clutter. 10 Feet Long 4…


    …outlets or bulky power supplies. Perfect for ATO systems Feed carbon reactors Fits in common water jugs (2.25" Diameter) Works with 3/8" Push Connect fittings Fully controlled by the Neptune Apex Controller 1Link DC24v Connection   Note: 1Link Flow Control Module or EnergyBar832 required for use.

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