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    …ratios found in natural seawater Promotes conditions for growth of stony corals and coralline algae Available in 64 oz System (2 - 32oz. bottles) or 2 Gallon System* (2 - 1 gallon jugs)   *Note - 2-gallon system comes as a concentrate and RODI water will need to be added to top off the jugs before…

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    …toxic. SeaElements Reef Formula contains only the elements which are typically depleted from aquarium water – in the appropriate concentrations and ratios. SeaElements contains all the trace elements your tank needs…and nothing more.   Instructions: Dose 2 drops per gallon of aquarium water weekly.


    …- 1/2" Max Flow Rate - 250 gph Dimensions - 14.25" H x 3.0" W x 4.0" L Distance required behind tank for HOB application - 4.0" min     What's Included? Phosban 150 body Phosban 150 Lid Ratchet Clip Sponges (2x) Dispersion Plate Ball Valve 2" Tube 9" Tube   Media, Tubing, and pump sold separately.


    Why does BRS recommend this? Reborn calcium reactor media is harvested from a sustainable source in the Western Pacific Ocean. Two Little Fishies pre-rinses their media in RODI water, as well as manually removing any snail or clam shells before packaging. Reborn is one of the only calcium reactor…

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    The Two Little Fishies NanoMag is perfect for smaller tanks that have rock work or coral close to the glass. The inner portion of the magnet cleaner is less than 0.175" thick allowing it to glide virtually anywhere on the glass easily. The outer portion is a bit larger letting you acquire a firm…


    …  Formulated by Julian Sprung with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and high purity salts. Fast dissolving with repeatable performance, Two Little Fishies AccuraSea1 Salt Mix is a synthetic salt that has been engineered to simulate natural seawater, and packaged in individual packs ensuring an even…

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    Two Little Fishies Kalkwasser Stirrer/Reactor has a patent-pending design by Julian Sprung. Uses upflow principle to achieve the most efficient use of Kalkwasser. By pushing top-off water upward through the calcium hydroxide, it automatically mixes it to achieve a supersaturated kalkwasser solution.…


    NPX screen for biopellets for use in the PhosBan Reactor 150 or 550.


    Max Tank Thickness - 1/2"   The VeggieMag uses a strong magnet to hold your SeaVeggies clip in place on windows up to 3/4” thick. Easy to position at any level in the aquarium and easy to retrieve because it floats.


    Instructions: 1. Shake well 2. Add to a high flow area of the tank 3. Initial dose: one capful per 20 gallons 4. To seed NPX Bioplastics media - add one capful per 20 gallons for 10 days 5. After 10 days, add 25 mL per 33 gallons, twice a month 6. Turn off UV sterilizer and protein skimmer for 3…

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    Two Little Fishies Iron Concentrate is a solution containing iron and manganese, which are essential to the health of all plants, including the symbiotic zooxanthellae in corals and sea anemones, and sea-grasses. Safely replenishes iron and manganese in the proper ratio, which helps maintain optimum…


    Micro fittings for regulating air flow through standard airline tubing for devices such as air-stones, filters, protein skimmers, ornaments, etc. Also for low-pressure liquid feed lines for metering pumps, fish display holding cubicles, fertilizing systems, calcium reactors, and drip irrigation of…

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    The PhosBan Reactor 550 is designed to push water upwards from the bottom and through the media. This forces an even distribution of water throughout the media and prevents channeling from occurring. The PhosBan 150 can be mounted under the aquarium or hung on the back of the aquarium. It comes with…


    Introduce carbon dioxide adsorption into your system if your tank continuously suffers from low pH. This can be caused when aquariums are in closed air buildings. Add CDX media into your PhosBan Reactor Connect PhosBan Reactor to your protein skimmer's air intake with a CDX Adapter CO2 depleted air…

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    …with thick glass or acrylic you may find your larger fish may be able to pull the feeding clip of standard magnet clips off the wall. Two Little Fishies now has the Mega Veggie-Mag feeding magnet. The enlarged magnet provides more power coupling the two halves together and making it nearly…


    …your hands wet, and the jointed connection assembly makes it simple to adjust the distance from the aquarium wall. Another feature, the Two Little Fishies button pops into the mushroom head of the feeder. It retains any ring-shaped foods, such as the Grazer from New Era. The magnetic coupling lets…


    Patent pending design from Julian Sprung of Two Little Fishies.  Multi-purpose tool for feeding, applying solutions, siphoning or blowing: Feed corals, anemones, zoanthids, seahorses or any timid or slow moving tank inhabitant Apply solutions to pests Siphon out small items Remove sand from jets…


    Dosing with Kalkwasser is an effective way to add calcium and alkalinity to your reef tank. Be sure to test and make sure your calcium and alkalinity levels are correct before beginning Kalkwasser dosing. Pure calcium hydroxide from Two Little Fishies Available in 2 kg or 500 g

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    Remove dissolved organics compounds from your reef tank with HydroCarbon2 - granular activated carbon - from Two Little Fishies. Removes yellow tint from water Porous carbon granules allow for high flow in high capacity filters Does not leach phosphates Available in 1 liter or 4 liter sizes 1 liter…

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    …all the nutritional value.   Feeding Instructions: Fish: Sprinkle enough Calan-Eeze that your fish can consume within a 2 minute period into a feeding ring like the Two LIttle Fishies MagFeeder to keep the food from flowing into the filtration system.   Coral: Turn off all flow in the aquarium. Soak…


    Two Little Fishies Strontium Concentrate provides a boost of strontium to enhance the deposition of calcareous skeletons. Especially for aquariums with dense growth of reef building corals. Does not contain molybdenum. Available in 250mL (8.4 fl. oz.) bottle.


    …Output Size -  1/2" Female NPT or 1/2" Barb   What's Included? 1x CW-100 External Algae Scrubber 1x Sicce Syncra Silent 2.0 Pump 3ft 1/2" Silicone Tubing 1x 1/2" Two Little Fishies Ball Valve 1x 3/4" to 1/2" Reducing Bushing 1x 1/2" NPT x Barbed Adapter     How to Properly Size an Algae Scrubber…


    Replacement O-Ring for the PhosBan Reactor 150 Replacement O-Ring for PhosBan Reactor 550

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    Two Little Fishies Iodine Concentrate is made from potassium iodide and seaweed extracts. It provides a boost of iodide and iodine to help with growing Xenia, other soft corals and delicate red and brown seaweeds. Available in 250mL (8.4 fl. oz.) bottle.


    Two Little Fishies Airline Control Ball Valves are the easiest to use valves on the market for air flow control. Many cheaper control valves will start to leak air, or have minimal control of air flow. The Two Little Fishies Ball Valves give you precise control, letting you fine tune the amount of…

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    Due to customs restrictions we are unable to send this product to Canada. Two Little Fishies PhytoPlan is a spray dried blend of several strains of phytoplankton. PhytoPlan may be used as food for filter feeding invertebrates and as a supplement to enrich the nutritional value of dried and frozen…


    Sizes Available 1/3 lb (150g) - treats up to 600 Liter (158 gallons) of marine water 1 lb (454g) Recommended Usage for Marine Tanks 50g per 50 gallons Recommended Usage for Freshwater Tanks 50g per 100 gallons

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    2-pack of replacement sponges for the PhosBan Reactor 150 2-pack of replacement sponges for the PhosBan Reactor 550

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    This kit contains all the parts needed to make a flexible and space-saving pipe connection for installing the PhosBan Reactor hanging on the back of an aquarium, or on the side of a filter sump.


    Julians Thing is a revolutionalyfeeding tool that makes feeding your fish and coral much easier and cleaner. The replacement tips are direct replacements that can be cut to have different opening sizes for various sizes of food.


    Instructions: 1. Shake well 2. Add to a high flow area of the tank 3. Initial dose: one capful per 20 gallons 4. To seed biological filter media - add one capful per 20 gallons for 10 days 5. After 10 days, add 25 mL per 33 gallons, twice a month 6. Turn off UV sterilizer and protein skimmer for 3…

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    Well suited for herbivores and omnivores, such as: Tangs and Surgeonfish Angelfish Moorish Idols Parrotfish Large Butterflyfish Cichlids and Goldfish   Fish that are known as herbivores or omnivores will naturally graze on algae throughout their day on the reef. By offering sheets of dried seaweed…

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