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    …more precise control of water level. clearance required to remove collection cup for easy cleaning. Item #: CLSC-200INT Reef Octopus 8" Classic 200INT Skimmer Dimensions: 15.6" x 10.25" x 23.75" Manufacturer rates skimmer for tanks up to 250 gallons. BRS Recommends this skimmer for tanks up to 160…

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    BRS Recommended for tanks up to: Heavy Bioload (Most Common) - 175 Gallons Medium Bioload - 250 Gallons Light Bioload - 400 gallons Reef Octopus In Sump 10" Protein Skimmer from Reef Octopus - with a controllable VarioS DC pumps to process more or less water, depending on your setup. Footprint -…

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    Reef Octopus Elite Skimmers are powered by Apex Ready VarioS DC Pinwheel Pumps. Footprint -15" x 11.2" Height -23.2" Recommended Water Height: 7.5" - 9" BRS Recommended for tanks up to: Heavy Bioload (Most Common) - 125 Gallons Medium Bioload - 210 Gallons Light Bioload - 300 Gallons Reef Octopus…

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    Reef Octopus VarioS DC pinwheel skimmer pumps deliver refined control, performance, and efficiency. DC skimmerpumps have some key advantages over traditional ACpumps. Aside from near-silent operation, the VarioS skimmer pumps allow you to adjust the air and water flow rates through yuor skimmer with…

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