250w Metal Halide

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    …best intensity and color. Mounting the Metal Halide Pendants can be accomplished in a few different ways. The most common solution isReef Brite's Halide Hanging Kit, that can be suspended from your ceiling or wall brackets. BRS Bulb Recommendations: 250W SE - Radium 20K Single Ended 400W SE -Radium…

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    …Double Ended Metal Halide bulb. Crisp white color with blue tint Great combination of color and PAR Works well with or without supplemental Actinic bulb Electronic, HQI or Pulse start ballast is required Available in 150W or 250W Made in Japan 150W - Reef Tanks up to 18" deep 250W - Reef Tanks 22"…

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    metal halide lights use the radium bulbs for their impeccable track record in the hobby. Unique crisp white color with a strong blue tint More natural "under the sea" look than other 20k metal halides Typically unnecessary to add actinic supplementation with these bulbs Made in Germany Requires 250w

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    Metal Halide has been a staple in reef keeping for many years. Luckily technology is keeping up with one of the older methods of lighting reef tanks. The IceCap Electronic ballasts give the best of all worlds with remarkable energy efficiency compared to all other ballasts on the market today, and…

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    …perfect ballast for Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendants and many others. Compatible with all 250W metal halide lamps. Digital Dimmable 1-10V Lightweight Connects directly to Reef Brite Reflectors Digital ballasts are easily the best ballasts you can find for metal halide lamps. The digital processor…

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