250w Metal Halide Bulb

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    …single ended bulb in the reef aquarium hobby. Many successful tanks that run metal halide lights use the radium bulbs for their impeccable track record in the hobby. * Unique crisp white color with a strong blue tint * More natural "under the sea" look than other 20k metal halides *…

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    …  Mounting the Metal Halide Pendants can be accomplished in a few different ways. The most common solution is Reef Brite's Halide Hanging Kit, that can be suspended from your ceiling or wall brackets.   BRS Bulb Recommendations: 250W SE - Radium 20K Single…

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    …14000K Double Ended Metal Halide bulb. * Crisp white color with blue tint * Great combination of color and PAR * Works well with or without supplemental Actinic bulb * Electronic, HQI or Pulse start ballast is required * Available in 150W or 250W Made in…

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    bulb to "burn-in" giving the lamp a much longer lifespan.   Statistics: Input Voltage - 100-150 VAC Input Current - 2.20A Input Power - 262W Power Factor - >.98% Dimmable - 1-10V control input   What's Included? 1x 250W Digital Metal Halide

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