300 Micron Filter Sock

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    Keep your tanks water clean and polished with Eshopps 300 Micron Filter Socks! The rectangular bracket design works perfectly with the Cube Medium Refugium Sump, or can be implemented in any custom sump sock holder. The 300-micron rating allows large visible pieces of detritus and other…

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    …you easily clean where a traditional siphon wouldn't. You can either pump the water into a bucket for removal during a water change or a fine micron filter sock to polish out any particles, recycling the water back into your system. Made from 3D printed plastic the MJ Vacuum is 100% reef safe and is…

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    …simply the best. * Removable Drain/Return Lid * White and Clear Acrylic * Eshopps Channel Design * Quiet Operation * Filter Sock Included   Dual Water Channel Design CUBE Nano sumps feature unique flow through the separate refugium and skimmer…

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