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    T5 bulbs and plug it in. For that extra pop with accent lighting add a Reef Brite XHO or Tech LED Strip to each side of the Supra Slim Line to create an awesome hybrid light fixture. Available in: 24" 24W Dual Slim Line T5 36" 39W Dual Slim Line T5 48" 54W Dual Slim Line T5 60" 80W Dual Slim Line T5

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    Single Reflectors available for T5 Retrofit kits.  Reflectors include two bulb clips per reflector. 1x24 watt (24" Bulbs) 1x39 watt (36" Bulbs) 1x54 watt (48" Bulbs 1x80 watt (60" Bulb)

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    The T5 Razor Light is the smallest and thinnest section that Giesemann could manufacturer while still keeping all of the electronics within the body of the light. The Razor T5 Retrofit kit is ideal for aquariums that have hoods or where a full size fixture cannot fit. Cooling of the built-in…

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    T5 Coral Light II New Generation from Korallen-Zucht makes a excellent mix of colors when used in conjunction with Fiji Purple and Super Blue. Blend of blue and white light 14,000K Sizes available 24W - 24" 39W - 36" 54W - 48" 80W - 60"

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    T5 Coral Light Super Blue bulbs from Korallen-Zucht is very popular among reefers especially when used in conjunction with Fiji Purple, Coral Light and Coral Light II New Generation. Add more Super Blue bulbs for a tank that appears blue. Offers very blue color. 20,000K Sizes available 24W - 24" 39W…

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    Just 2.1" thick, 60" ATI SunPower High Output T5 fixture provides optimal performance in a slim, contemporary design.  With active cooling bulbs run cooler and more efficient, while producing up to 50% more light than comparable competitors.  Parabolic Miro-Silver reflectors made from silver-coated…

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    T5 Coral Light from Korallen-Zucht can be used as a main lighting source or in conjunction with Fiji Purple or metal halides HQI. SPS (small polyp stony) corals are enhanced with the Red spectrum (ca. 5-6%) of this bulb. Bright white color with light from the red spectrum 10,000K Best CRI/PAR ratio…

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    …dimmable T5 lamps fine tuning the perfect light has never been easier. The Aurora Hybrid LED T5 Fixture has been one of our favorite fixtures to date. With its sleek and stylish appearance and intuitive Bluetooth control, this will be one of the last lights you purchase.  Each pair of T5 lamps is…


    …Passive and Active Cooling T5 Lighting has been a proven method of lighting a reef tank that works. For a simple light fixture that is easy to install with either the mounting legs or hanging kit the Matrixx II T5 fixture is an amazing well built light. Note: All Bulbs Sold Separately. 6 and 8 lamp…

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