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    Eheim CompactON pumps are made to save space while providing high flow. Each pump is made with quality materials making them very efficient and super quiet. 159 GPH Max Flow 3.2 FT Max Head Height Suction Cup Mounting Adjustable Flow Control High Flow with Low Power Consumption


    …Japanese external pumps are class leaders and for any area where noise a concern and space is limited. The Japanese Iwaki pump is the way to go. Japanese Motor Max Flow: 600 GPH Max Head: 17.7 Ft ¾” Inlet(MPT)/ ¾” Outlet(MPT) Max Amps: 1.0 Motor Output: 1/16 HP Note: The Iwaki MD pumps' power cords…


    Popular pump with aquarists, the Hydor Koralia Evolution series boasts up to 20% more water flow than Koralia 2, 3 and 4 Controllable with greater energy efficiency. Affordable and reliable pump – great for creating water movement in all areas of your tank. Suction cup and magnet mounting system…


    …Bioload - 400 gallons Reef Octopus Recirculating 8" Protein Skimmer from Reef Octopus - with a controllable VarioS DC pumps to process more or less water, depending on your aquariums needs. Footprint - 15.7" x 13.8″ Height - 25.4″ Requires Feed Pump* Feed Pump Suggested Flow Rate - 600 - 1000 GPH


    …and pinwheel impeller. Built with high quality acrylic. Wedge pipe output allows for more adjustment of the skimmer compared to ball valves. ½” clearance required to remove collection cup for easy cleaning. Footprint - 14.2" x 14.2" Height - 25.6" Feed Pump Required - 400 to 600 gph recommended


    …Skimz Monzter FM100 Media Reactor features upward flow to minimize dead spots and reach all media. Rated for tanks up 159 gallons (600 Liters) Method of feeding: Pump Feed Rate: 159-264 GPH (600-1000 LPH) Great for carbon or GFO Can be installed internally or externally Holds 13.5-27 oz (400-800 mL)


    …class. Adjustable DC VSC4.0 pump is housed outside the skimmer body. Rated for tanks up 317 gallons (1200 Liters) BRS Recommended for tanks up to: Heavy Bioload (Most Common) - 120 gallons Medium Bioload - 150 gallons Light Bioload - 200 gallons Air intake: 159-317 GPH (600-1200 LPH) Operating…

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    …point. Wine bottle body shape with solid construction, Sicce pump, pinwheel impeller, custom volute and pumphead, titanium screws, ozone port and coupler. Tank Size: 100 Gallons Power Consumption: ~20W Air Draw: Approx. 158 GPH (600 LPH) Footprint: 8.5" x 11" Height: 20" Optimal Level: Max 9" Min…

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