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    …tank.   BRS takes the utmost care when packaging and shipping bulbs.  We are always trying to find the best possible way to ship bulbs and minimize breakage.  We are very successful at shipping bulbs, however if damage is to ever occur during transit please just let us know…

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    …choice when it comes to T5 bulbs.  With ATI bulbs you can use a single color on its own or you can mix and match to make the ultimate spectrum.  The ATI Blue Plus T5 HO fluorescent bulb combines the properties of a blue bulb with a True Actinic Blue 03 bulb. Encourages bluing in SPS…

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    …  6 Bulb ATI Powermodule fixtures are available through special order only and usually require a 90-day lead time. Please give us a call if you wish to order one.    Hybrid T5 & LED Over the past few years the battle of which is better, LED or T5 is still…

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    …coverage and simple setup.   Despite the many advantages of LED lights, there have continued to be many die-hard T5 fluorescent fans thanks to T5’s ability to provide such excellent, even coverage and plug-and-play simplicity. While LED spectrum, output, and form factor have…

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