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    Filter Media Cup - 7 inch - Flexible High Flow in Sea Foam WhiteOur 7" High-Flow Filter Media Cup will replace all those filter socks you have hanging around. Made out of a BPA free Polypropylene, this 7" Filter Media Cup is a solid one-piece design, that holds any filter media. The opaque color…

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    7 inch Filter Media Cup Silencer Sea Foam White (**Lid Only**)The Filter Media Cup Silencer is a reef-safe noise-reducing lid designed for use with the 7 inch High Flow Flexible Filter Media Cup(sold separately).Specifications:Diameter: 7"Color: Sea Foam WhiteMaterial: 100% Virgin BPA free…

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    Purigen is a uniquely engineered synthetic adsorbent media that can dramatically improve water quality, reducing organic wastes, colors, and odors in a very short time. This premium media works similarly to high-end activated carbons, utilizing extremely tiny pores throughout the polymer structure…

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    …& reusable Great for medias of all sizes Draw string keeps media inside Conforms to baffles and chambers Media Capacity 4 x 8 Mesh Media Bag with Draw String - 4.25 Cups / 1000mL 4 x 14 Mesh Media Bag with Draw String - 9.5 Cups / 2250mL 7 x 16 Mesh Media Bag with Draw String - 32 Cups / 7570mL

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    …10.3" Maximum Capacity: 0.7L (700mL) ~3 Cups Using GFO: up to 120 gallons* Using Activated Carbon: up to 80 gallons Using BioPellets: up to 50 gallons Glass thickness: up to 3/8" Pump(included): SICCE MICRA Plus (158GPH Max.) Pump power consumption: 7 Watts *Using 2 sponges on top and on bottom…

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    …(1) 4x 7 micron rectangular filter sock. Features Spill over method filter sock cradle with clear side panels. Up 1.25 wide adjustable sliding clamp mount. Built in safety overflow slots. Compatible with Eshopps Rectangular Filter Sock and Eshopps Bio Cup R Rectangular Filter Media Cup Quiet…

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    …Waste Away Liquid Sludge Buster. 2. When you are ready to use the gel, unzip the clear wrapper. 3. Remove the tab and attach the suction cup. 4. Attach the suction cup in a low flow area of your sump/tank. Cycling a new aquarium or need to combat Cyanobacteria or other algae? Get your free download…

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    …Gallon (1882 mL) of BRS Biopellets Reef Octopus BR140 Manufacturer's Manual Reactor Specifications Diameter: 5.5"W x 21"H Footprint: 7 x 7 (8.3 is the with the lid) Media Capacity: 1500+ mL Max Flow: 790-920 GPH BRS Bulk Biopellets BRS biopellets are made from 100% natural Polyhydroxyalkanoates. PHA…

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    …bioload) Housing dimensions: 17.25" L x 3.94" W x 14.18" H (excluding collection cup) Refugium section dimensions w/o media cartridge: 10" L x 3.5" W x 11.5" H with media cartridge: 7" L x 3.5" W x 11.5" H Media cartridge dimensions: 3.125" OD x 9.75" H Cartridge top brace: 3.5" L x 3.25" W Fits…

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