7090 Controller

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    If you have 3 Tunze pumps that are controlled by the 7090.050 controller this cable will allow you to hook up all three pumps to be controlled by a single 7090 controller with the addition of the 7092.300 connecting cable.The Y adapter will also allow the connection of 2 pumps and a photo sensor as…


    …will include the 7090 controller, however if you have an older model, the controller was not included. If you wish to bring your Tunze DC pump up to today's technology this is the controller that will allow you to do so.   Y-Adapter 7090.300 will connect to multiple 7090 controllers allowing you to…


    The Tunze Controller Pump Cable can be used as a replacement cable for the 7092 Controller, and also for networking two Tunze 7090 controllers together in a master/slave configuration. The Tunze Pump Cable lets you directly connect two 7090 Wavecontrollers creating a master/slave relationship…


    …bearings.  Controller Included Magnetic Levitation Vibrationless Long Lasting Virtually frictionless between parts Can be controlled by 3rd party controllers 5-Year Warranty   Smart Control The Stream 3 includes a Tunze 7090 controller giving you full control over the pumps flow. The controller


    Use your computer to control your Tunze DC Turbelle Pumps or Tunze LED Lights. Select Tunze Turbelle Pumps have an electric motor that can be controlled, and pairing them with the Tunze 7097 controllers lets you sync all the pumps through a desktop pc application. The controller is not just limited…

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