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    …easily and conveniently with the AccliMate from Reef Gently. Available in 1/2 Gallon and 1.75 Gallon sizes to accommodate small or larger fish and corals Patent-pending design to automatically acclimate at a certain speed for different species Proper acclimation and less handling helps reduce stress…

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    …tank inhabitants with the AccuDrip Acclimation Kit from Innovative Marine. Acclimating new fish and corals can be the difference between success and stress for your new purchase. Proper acclimation will slowly introduce your tanks water to help the fish acclimate to any possible changes over a short…


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    Do you have an aggressive or sick fish you need to remove from your tank and he just won't go in the net? Try the Fish Trap from Aqua Medic. The Fish Trap is baited with food and as soon as the fish is inside the trap - release the mechanism to close the trap. The fish is now trapped with water to…


    If you have ever tried collecting fish larvae in an aquarium it is a time consuming tedious task, that will usually require you to stay up late at night after the lights go out with minimal results. The Vossen Larval Trap is a very simple easy to use trap for fish fry and larvae. The included…


    Choose the high quality fish net that meets your tank’s needs.

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    …emitted from the AP700 while enhancing color blending and reducing hard shadows. Two Models Available Major Diffusion Optic Kit - Best for acclimation, or shallow tanks with higher rates of turbulence on the surface looking to reduce shimmer. Slight Diffusion Optic Kit - Best for deeper tanks…

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    …resistance to disease. Encourages growth of exoskeletons of echinoderms Helps with shedding process and growth of crustaceans Assists with acclimation of newly added corals Contains only stable and organic iodine like that found in natural seawater Regular use reduces the risk of tissue infections

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    …A surface cleaning dip based on plant extracts for cleansing live stony and soft corals, zoanthids, and anemones. Use for all general purpose live coral cleansing, as a part of new coral acclimation to aquariums, for rinsing prior to shipping and newly fragmented corals. 500 mL (16.8 fl oz) bottle.


    If you have a trouble crab, worm, or even smaller fish, the Tom's Pest Trap is by far the best piece of equiptment to trap and remove them from your aquarium.  Dimensions: 5.9"L x 2.7"W x 2.7"H


    Why does BRS recommend this? Tunze has made a set of Tongs will grab a hold of anything you want, and with its pistol grip handle it makes rotating and picking heavy items up a breeze. Keep your hands out of the tank with these Aquarium Tongs from Tunze. Tips of tongs have rubber grippers to prevent…


    …Kit - Best for deeper tanks with minimal surface agitation that are looking to soften the source of light Major Diffusion Optic Kit - Best for acclimation, or shallow tanks with higher rates of turbulence on the surface looking to reduce shimmer Note: All existing AP700 lights already have built in…

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    …Color LCD screen Precision touch pad to easily navigate through controller options Manual Mode - control intensity and color to your exact liking Program Mode - Quick Set and Acclimation Mode 2 ports to control two sets of lights Magnetic back and plate to place your controller in a convenient spot


    Keep your hands dry as you maintain your tank and rearrange your plants with Plant Tongs from Eheim. Spring-action with trimmer Use for general maintenance Great for moving and placing corals Use for feeding bottom dwelling fish Available in 400mm (16") or 600mm (24")

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    …during the natural metabolic processes in a saltwater aquarium. Prevents color fading Clearing water and more contrasting colors Assists with acclimation of newly added corals Provides resistance against inhibitors preventing development No complexing agent or artificially complexed element…

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