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    …they leave the bottom of your tank unprotected, and depending on the aquarium it may not be very appealing. Covering your tank's bottom glass or acrylic with a piece of Black ABS Plastic will add a layer of protection between your rocks and the glass, and also gives a much more pleasing appearance.…

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    If you have a larger tank with thick glass or acrylic, you may find your larger fish may be able to pull the feeding clip of standard magnet clips off the wall. Two Little Fishies now has the Mega Veggie-Mag feeding magnet. The Mega Veggie-Mag feeder has stronger neodymium magnets to keep the clip…

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    …under rimless tanks. Rimless tanks rest directly on the top of the stand, which may be a rougher surface than glass or acrylic can handle in most cases. By placing a single sheet of Neoprene Foam in-between the tanks glass/acrylic and stand, that will dampen any pressure points to make a level and…

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