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    …Voltage - 5V   What's Included? 1x Rescue Air USB Powered Air Pump - Single Output 1x USB Power Supply 1x Battery Bank with Charging Cord 1x Airstone 32" Airline Tubing   Note - *Cobalt Battery Powered Air Pumps must be plugged into to a wall outlet to detect a power outage. If the pump is already…


    …Add 5 fl. oz. of 0.038% Kordon Malachite Green (approximately 149 ml). This produces a concentration of 1500 ppm. Agitate the solution with an airstone and adjust for a moderately strong flow of air. Collect eggs in a net or grasp the object on which eggs are attached and dip them for not more than…


    …in removing Red Slime.   Due to increased biological digestion of organic solids, we recommend increasing your O2 levels via the addition of airstones prior to and during treatment. No need for water changes or removal of carbon filtration.   Directions Dissolve one level spoonful for every 15…


    Micro fittings for regulating air flow through standard airline tubing for devices such as air-stones, filters, protein skimmers, ornaments, etc. Also for low-pressure liquid feed lines for metering pumps, fish display holding cubicles, fertilizing systems, calcium reactors, and drip irrigation of…

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    …carbon dioxide is the likely culprit. You have two choices: Collect the water coming from your RO system in a large container, add a powerhead or airstone and allow the CO2 to gas off. Then pump the water through your DI resin. Skip all that mess and just buy resin in bulk.   DI Cartridge Refill…

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    Micro Airline control valve fittings let you regulate the air or air flow through standard airline tubing for devices such as air-stones, ozone generators, filters, protein skimmers, etc. Available in 6 packs or individually. 3/16" Barbed x 3/16" Barbed connections   Two Little Fishies Airline…

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