Algae Free Tiger Shark Float

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    …the Great White) do float if the connection through the aquarium is lost for easy retrieval, which is the frustrating point for most other magnet cleaners in the industry.   Glass and acrylic aquariums 5/8" to 3/4" thick The Tiger Shark will easily remove algae off smaller tanks.…

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    Algae Free’s most powerful magnetic cleaner. It has the same cleaning area as the Tiger Shark Float but is much stronger. * Glass aquariums holding 300 to 600 gallons * Acrylic aquariums up to 96" long and 36" high * Large 4" x 2" cleaning area   Algae Free

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    The scraper upgrade kit is for all Prianha, Hammerhead and Tiger Shark cleaning magents. It converts them to the Float Plus with the replaceable scraper blades for glass and acrylic. Each Kit includes: * 1 interior assembly with Velcro * 1 acrylic-safe pad * 1 black…

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    …Easy Blade Algae Scraper, compatible with the following magnets: * Mag-Float 350 * Magnavore 8 * Magnavore 10 * The Piranha Float * The Hammerhead Float * Tiger Shark Float * The Great White   Note: Not compatible with PLUS Algae Scrapers.

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    …more often.    Choose the acrylic-safe replacement pads to fit The Pirahna/ Hammerhead Float or The Tiger Shark/Great White Magnetic Cleaner.   Algae Free's magnetic glass cleaners make cleaning your tank easy and are hands down the best in the industry. *…

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