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    Dr.Tim's Ammonium Chloride is made up of reagent grade materials and is perfect for fishless cycles in reef aquariums.  Odorless Pure Ammonium Chloride No Unnecessary Additives Works Great With Dr.Tim's One & Only   Ammonium Chloride can be used to simulate organic matter that would naturally break…

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    …add fish, you can add small amounts of ammonia to the water.  It is recommended to use Dr.Tim's Ammonium Chloride Solution to produce ammonia for the bacteria to consume and convert. Ammonium Chloride will let you cycle your aquarium without having to add a sacrificial fish or any foods giving you…

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    …or inorganic nitrogenous compounds accelerate the cycling process. Inorganic sources such as NitroCycle include simple salts such as ammonium chloride, whereas organic sources include decaying biomass such as dead prawns.   There are distinct advantages to using an inorganic nitrogen source.…

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    …rock. Microbacter Start is a highly concentrated bioculture for rapidly cycling new aquariums. QuickCycl contains the ideal concentration of ammonium chloride along with phosphates and nitrates to feed the bacteria involved in establishing the nitrogen cycle in your tank.   A successful cycle also…


    …Not your average ammonia source for starting the nitrogen cycle. Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter QuickCycl contains the right strength of ammonium chloride along with balanced phosphates and nitrates to feed the bacteria that work to cycle a tank. This product is ideal for use with Microbacter…

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