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    …quick nutrient removal No "rotten egg" odor Enhanced growth and better colors for fish and corals Reduces the long term build up of detritus and anaerobic waste products Reduces stress factors and minimizes the risk for fish and coral diseases Contains directly active live bacteria in very high…

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    …reduce nitrate in a closed aquarium system. This method converts nitrate to nitrogen gas using sulfur beads. Sulfur beads encourage the growth of anaerobic bacteria as it oxidizes the sulfur. Rated for tanks up 396 gallons (1500 Liters) Method of feeding: Gravity or Feed Pump Feed Rate: 132-264 GPH…


    …including larger particles that will resist shifting and blowing around in most water flow conditions. The small particles help the sand create anaerobic zones in the sandbed in less depth than other sugar sized blends and the larger grains will help hold the small particles in place during stronger…

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