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Anaerobic Bacteria

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    bacteria for quick nutrient removal No "rotten egg" odor Enhanced growth and better colors for fish and corals Reduces the long term build up of detritus and anaerobic waste products Reduces stress factors and minimizes the risk for fish and coral diseases Contains directly active live bacteria in…

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    …it will function as both an aerobic filter and an anaerobic denitrifying filter. Features High porosity biological media Removes nitrates, nitrites, ammonia Assists in breakdown and removal of organics Pore size well suited for anaerobic bacteria No danger of hydrogen sulfide production Available…

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    …denitrifying bacteria. This allows Matrix to remove nitrate along with ammonia and nitrite, simultaneously and in the same filter. Features High capacity biofiltration Controls ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate Highly porous - enormous surface area (>~700 m2/L) Supports aerobic and anaerobic bacteria

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    …activity in breaking down other organics, reducing phosphate and organic carbon, and may also prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide in anaerobic areas of the rock and sand. Available in Four Sizes: 16 oz. 32 oz. 128 oz. (1 gallon) 5 Gallons Directions Start by adding 1 ml per 20 gallons/1…

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    …fish death: "new tank syndrome". Stability contains a synergistic blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which facilitate the breakdown of waste organics, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. The bacteria employed by Stability are non-sulfur fixing and will not produce toxic hydrogen…

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