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    …corals. Mixing the highly nutritious food with your tank's water in different ratios will make different viscosities for different feeding methods and coral types. Floating type - stays suspended in the water column Target Feeding - Perfect for LPS and Anemones Squirt & Go - Ideal for SPS and small…


    …issues. We do not recommend feeding anemones or coral silversides, due to their large size corals and anemones have a very hard time digesting the fish, and a small particle foods will works best. Most of the time if a silversize is offered to a coral or anemone it will be rejected within a few…

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    …pending design from Julian Sprung of Two Little Fishies.  Multi-purpose tool for feeding, applying solutions, siphoning or blowing: Feed corals, anemones, zoanthids, seahorses or any timid or slow moving tank inhabitant Apply solutions to pests Siphon out small items Remove sand from jets with blow…


    …creatures rich in vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and lipids. It is great for marine invertebrates such as soft and stony corals, seafans, anemones, zoanthids, clams, scallops, featherduster worms, and other filter feeders. It can also be used for plankton eating fishes. Due to customs…


    …soft corals, as well as gorgonians, anemones, and other solitary and colonial polyps, particularly at night when tentacles are extended to maximize chances of prey-capture. Readily eaten by a multitude of reef-associated fishes known to feed on zooplankton and food particles drifting in the water…

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    …shut the mouth of nuisance anemones. Shortly after ingestion, the material causes the Aiptasia to implode and destroys the anemone and its planula.   In an exciting development for reef-keepers Red Sea has developed a unique patent-pending formula to treat the pest anemones Aiptasia sp., Anemonia…

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