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    …Neptune ATK System comes with everything you will need to get an automatic top off system up and running within minutes. The ATK can be used on its own without the necessity of an Apex Controller, but if you have an Apex, the ATK will integrate seamlessly into your system and give you bonus…


    Optical sensors are the go to sensor if you want a reliable sensor over a long period. The Neptune Optical Sensor plugs directly into the FMM allowing you to monitor the level of your sump, mixing station, or any other reservoir with liquid in it.


    …you will usually see a change in salinity from temp, to a top off unit being stuck on, if you have a Neptune Apex Controller we highly recommend investing in the PM2 module and salinity probe. Add the Salinity Module: PM2 to your Apex Neptune System. Real-time monitoring of salinity in reef aquarium…


    The perfect accessory to any Apex Controller System. The Neptune PMUP (Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump) is great for providing water to feed carbon reactors, and most importantly it can be used  as a top off pump. With either the EnergyBar832 or the 1Link Flow Control Module, you can provide…


    The Perfect ATO PUMP - No Apex Necessary The Neptune PMUP-T (Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump with Power Supply) is great for providing water to feed carbon reactors, and most importantly it can be used as a top off pump. The PMUP-T can be plugged directly into any outlet, timer, or controller…


    Lets say your Apex system detects low dissolved oxygen in your aquarium, you could have pumps on standby waiting to be activated when levels hit below optimal as well as send you an email or text message Add the Dissolved Oxygen Module: PM3 to your Apex Neptune System to allow continuous real time…


    …aquarium controller an easy way to connect up to six external switch inputs. The breakout box is compatible with any Apex Controller. Float Switches for sump alerts or ATO (Auto Top Off) Push Buttons for special feed, cleaning, ect. modes Leak Detectors Magnetic switches on cabinets for intrusion…


    Add the pH/ORP Probe Expansion Module to your Apex Neptune System. Module has extra Temp Probe port I/O Switch Inputs for ATO, feed buttons, leak alarms, etc. Monitor multiple tanks Galvanic Isolation for accurate and reliable probe readings

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