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Apex EL Controller

    The Apex, Apex Lite and Apex Jr. from Neptune Systems are modular systems that allow you to connect many modules together in either a “daisy-chain” or star topology method. Use this cable to connect together the Apex, Modules, and Energy Bars together. Please Note: AquaBus Cables are USB-type cables

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    …Extension Cables are great for extending your current Aquabus Cable if you need a little more length. The extension cables have a Male end on one side that will plug into any Apex module, and a female end on the other side that will connect to an existing Aquabus Cable. Standard Aquabus cables are…

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    …Module cable lets you connect two VarioS pump controllers or Gyre Interface Modules directly to a 0-10v controller like the Neptune Apex Controller.   Connect your VarioS or Gyre pumps directly to any controller with a 0-10v port that uses a standard ethernet jack to connect. The Y Modules Cable


    …need the power supply or Aquabus cable for your DŌS Fluid Metering System. By having the Male x Male 4 pin cable you can now fully control the DŌS pump through your apex with just a single cable through the 1Link module or the EnergyBar 832.   Less Clutter One Cable Installation of DŌS Pump System


    The DC24 to Bare Wire Accessory Cable has two bare ends that have been tinned and ready for the accessory of your choice. The other end of the cable will connect to the 24v DC port on the EnergyBar 832 or the 1Link module. The port can be switched on and off just like any other outlet.   You can use…


    …1Link Extension Cable lets you increase the distance between you WAV pumps, COR pump, or any other 1Link accessory. The cable has Male and Female ends directly connected to the cable allowing it to last for a lifetime. 10 foot extension Male - Female   What's Included? 1x 1Link Extension Cable


    …any other liquid your tank may need to be dosed in metered amounts. You simply just hook the DOS Fluid Metering system to your Apex controller with the included AquaHub cable and with the Fusion cloud software programming a dosing pump has never been so simple. The DOS system when interfaced through…


    Use the Kessil A360/A160 Neptune Apex Control Cable to connect your Kessil 360 (A360N/360W) or A160 LED lights to your Neptune Systems Apex controller. Type 1 - compatible with Neptune Systems Apex controllers Length: 6 Ft. (1800mm) without connectors Color: Black One End: 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo male…


    …DC24 Extension Cable lets you increase the distance between your EB832 or 1Link module and the accessory being used. A perfect example is if you use the Neptune PMUP accessory pump as an ATO solution, and the reservoir is 15 feet away, you will need a few extra feet of cable to span the distance,…


    …BOX 1x DOS Fluid Metering System DOS pump Aquabus cable 4 meters of tubing Power supply 1x DDR DOS Dual Reservoir DDR with sensors and cable 4 meters of tubing Getting Started Guide   Requires:  Apex, Apex Classic, ApexEL, Apex Jr., or Apex Light Patented HFC12 series couplings have flow comparable…


    …the Apex System or the Advanced LED Dimming Module – VDM. This cable has a RJ45 plug on one end and bare wires on the other that must be connected in the manner recommended by your LED manufacturer. If you have four colors of LED that you want to dim, then you will need to buy two of these cables.


    …synchronize the pumps, or anti-sync the pumps to give your tank the best flow available. The cable connects directly to the XStream-E controller utilizing the pumps original power supply. The other end of the cable can connect to any 0-10v DC reference controller that utilizes a RJ45 connection Flow…

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    Connect your Apex Controller from Neptune to up to two Tunze Stream pumps. It has 1 RJ45 connector which plugs into the Apex base unit and 2 Din5 connectors which plug into 2 Tunze Controllable Stream pumps.


    This 6.5ft cable allows you to run your Maxspect Gyre in both forward and reverse direction by using one full Variable Speed port on your Apex to connect two 0-10v signals to a single IceCap Gyre Interface Module. When using the Neptune Apex with the Gyre Interface module it allows complete control…


    cable Fully upgradeable via future firmware upgrades LED Status indicator Compatible with all Apex Systems NOTE: The VDM does not include any interface cables for your pumps. You must purchase those separately   Apex Ready Products LEDs (VDM Module Required to Interconnect with Apex System or Apex


    Connection Cable for Red Dragon® 3 Speedy 150W and 230W pumps with 10V connection to APEX   Technical data connection cable for Red Dragon® 3 Speedy pump : Allows for the connection of your Red Dragon® 3 (150W & 230W) pump to your Apex System through the 0-10V control port.    Cable Length: Approx.…


    …spacing, and orientated opposite of each other keeping room for those bulky transformers, allowing you to plug in almost anything you want, where you want.   Whats Included? 1x Energy Bar 832 1x 3ft Aquabus Cable   Note: The Energy Bar 832 is not compatible with Classic Apex Controller Systems.


    …most 0-10V controllers. If you have just a single H1200 or you want to link up multiples, they can all be daisy-chained together with Kessil Link Cables. Using a controller allows you to set different day-night schedules with custom intensity and spectrum ramping.    Specifications: Dimensions -…


    A Zetlight LED fixture can have the capability to be controlled through a Neptune Apex Controller. With this cable you can control and set ramp points for all the channels on your controllable Zetlight fixture.


    …Integrated heat sink Dimmable Kessil Logic Color Tuneable Canopy Mount included Compatible with Spectral Controller Connect multiple with unit link cables   Design The new innovative design of the A80 integrated the heatsink for the LEDs right into the body of the light allowing for high heat…


    …1/4" Slip to BSPP Union Power Consumption - Less than 90W @ 120VAC   What's Included? 1x COR-20 Pump Body 1x COR Driver Controller 1x 100W DC Power Supply 1x 1.25" PVC Union (slip to BSPP) 1x 1" Slip Fitting 1x 0.75" Slip Fitting 1x 3-foot Aquabus Cable   Some features require Apex Controller System


    …connections   Connecting the Abyzz to Apex Interface cable is very simple. All that is required is an open variable speed port on an Apex System or expansion module. The 3.5mm female jack allows you to connect a 3.5mm to RJ45 cable (not included) directly into your Apex Controller.    Specifications…


    …can be done in a matter of minutes and is very economical. After replacing the membrane the probe will function as if it were new.   Includes 10ft cable.   Sensor Membrane within the probe should be replaced every 3 months   Dissolved oxygen can easily be manipulated with either air pumps and air…


    …slow the gyre the 30% speed to extend the life of the battery.   Whats Included: Gyre Interface Module Gyre Interface to Apex 0-10v Cable   Note: Interface module will control only one Gyre pump. Alternating Gyre Mode requires the Alternating Gyre Cable (sold separately).    Gyre Quick Start Manual


    …Module Features: Plug and Play - Automatically recognized when installed into the system Comlete lunar simulation Two AquaBus connectors for flexible expansion to other modules via AquaBus Upgradeable firmware Compatible with all Apex systems Includes with 3 Ft. AquaBus cable   Manufacturer's Manual


    …or LED Dimming Module to an Apex 1-10V port Ballast can be fired in dimmed mode Ramp up and down incrementally Comes with connections for Apex Controllers Reef Brite 250 & 400 Watt Digital Ballasts are fully dimmable through any 1-10V controller like an Apex. The cable comes with connections that…


    …immersion depth: 6.5 ft Pump cable length: 6.5 ft Inlet Size: 40mm / 1.5 in Outlet Size: 25mm / 1 in Internal or External application Dimensions: 6.11" L x 4.3" W x 4.32" H Whats Included Abyzz A100 pump 90V/240V driver Power cable: 5 ft Driver/Controller connecting cable: 6.5 ft Operating manual 10…


    …immersion depth: 6.5 ft Pump cable length: 9.9 ft Inlet Size: 50mm / 2 in Outlet Size: 40mm / 1.5 in Internal or External applications Dimensions: 9.45" x 5.93" x 7.13" Whats Included Abyzz A400 pump 110V 60Hz driver Power cable: 5 ft Driver/Controller connecting cable: 6.5 ft Operating manual 10…


    …backward compatible and will run gyres already on the market.   Whats Included: Gyre Interface Module Gyre Interface to Apex 0-10v Cable   Note: Interface module will control only one Gyre pump. Alternating Gyre Mode requires the Alternating Gyre Cable (sold separately).    Gyre Quick Start Manual


    …Included? 1x  Apex Control Head Unit 1x Energy Bar 832 1x 6 ft Aquabus Cable 1x Lab Grade Salinity Probe 1x Lab Grade Double Junction pH Probe 1x Lab Grade Double Junction ORP Probe 1x Temperature Probe Salinity and pH calibration solutions   Apex Control System The new Apex's Head Unit now includes…


    Interface adapter for Red Dragon® 3 Speedy pump with 0-10V connection to APEX   For Red Dragon® 3 Speedy pump 50/60/80/100W models : Allows for the connection of your Red Dragon® 3 pump to your aquarium controller through the 0-10V control port.   Technical Specs: Controller Dimensions: 5.75"L x…


    Apex Controller!   Kit Includes: 1x Apex Controller System 2x Energy Bar 832 1x 6 ft Aquabus Cable  1x Lab Grade Salinity Probe  1x Lab Grade Double Junction pH Probe  1x Lab Grade Double Junction ORP Probe  1x Temperature Probe Salinity and pH calibration solutions   The Neptune Systems Apex