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    …animations Set Apex to send alerts or take action whenever liquid level changes by specified amount Mounting clip included The Neptune LLS is a first of its kind industry exclusive! While most liquid level sensors simply measure the presence or absence of liquid at a predetermined sensor height, the…

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    …reliable sensor over a long period. The Neptune Optical Sensor plugs directly into the FMM allowing you to monitor the level of your sump, mixing station, or any other reservoir with liquid in it. This sensor plugs into your FMM and, using reflected infrared light, will signal your Apex when it…

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    …A3 Apex Pro Bundle Includes: 1x A3 Apex Pro Base Unit 1x EB832 Energy Bar 832 1x Temperature Probe 1x pH Probe 1x ORP Probe 1x 15" LLS Liquid Level Sensor 1x LD-3 Optical Multi-Surface Leak Sensor 1x 6' Aquabus Cable Calibration Solutions (7 & 10) Mounting Screws Getting Started Card Note: Apex

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    …uses an Apex Controller to monitor and control their aquarium. The LDK system will plug right into your current Apex through the Aquabus connections and includes two Leak Detection Sensors. The sensors can be placed in multiple areas around your tank and its equipment. Pairing an Apex Controller…

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    …Includes: 1x A3 Apex Pro Controller System 1x Energy Bar 832 1x Trident Cal, Alk, & Mag Water Analyzer 1x 2-Month Trident Reagent Supply 1x pH PRobe 1x Temp Probe 1x ORP Probe 1x 15" Liquid Level Sensor (LLS) 1x Optical Muilt-Surface Leak Sensor (LD-3) Calibration Solution A3 Apex Pro Controller…

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    …of water-level depth with new Liquid Level Sensor Reliable and reusable new Optical Multi-Surface Leak Detection Sensor Set reminders, log testing and dosing information, and access your tank from anywhere with Apex Fusion *Salinity probe sold separately The Apex Ecosphere-- Less Hassle, More…

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    …Optical sensors provide real-time fluid levels to the Apex Fusion dashboard Easily removable lids to make refills a breeze Built using cast acrylic Push-fit tubing connections Specifications: Dimensions (approx) - 10.5" x 8.5" x 5.5" Capacity - 2000ml per side (0.52 gallons) Apex, Apex Lite, or Apex

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