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    The new Neptune MXM Mobius Wireless Control Module will allow users to integrate and manage Ecotech Marine and Aqua Illumination equipment using an Apex Controller. Use the Apex Fusion interface to control pumps like VorTech, Vectra, and Nero as well as lights like Radions, Hydras, Prime and more!…

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    …purchase those separately Apex Ready Products LEDs (VDM Module Required to Interconnect with Apex System or Apex Lite/Jr) LEDs - BuildMyLED.com Aquarium LEDs Apollo LED - SolarBlast UV 5000 Pumps & Powerheads (VDM Module Required to Interconnect with Apex System or Apex Lite/Jr) Tunze Turbelle…

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    …network Backward Compatible If you have any old modules, head units, energy bars, or other Apex accessories they will work flawlessly with the new Apex Base Unit. Note: Not compatible with Apex Jr. Dimension Head Unit - 4.75" L x 5.25" H x 3.25" W What’s Included? 1x Apex Control Head Unit

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    The 1Link Module from Neptune Systems will hook up to any current Apex controller and allow control of the WAV pumps. A single 1Link module can control up to 3 separate WAV pumps off a single outlet or two WAV pumps and 1 DOS pump, saving outlets for other pieces of equipment. If you use the 1Link…

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    …lights provide a visual alert to problems Works with any Apex Controller Connects via 24V Apex accessory ports Instant professional look and feel No building required Specifications Dimensions: 5"L x 3"H x 1.75"D Power: 24V (Uses 2x accessory ports on EB832 or 1link module to power both lights)

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    Compatible with Gyre Interface Modules, VarioS Controllers, and more. The 6.5 foot Y Module cable lets you connect two VarioS pump controllers or Gyre Interface Modules directly to a 0-10v controller like the Neptune Apex Controller. Connect your VarioS or Gyre pumps directly to any controller with…

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    …breeding of fish and spawning of corals. The Lunar Simulator LED lights can be connected directly to the Neptune Systems LSM module with any Apex Controller system. Module and LED Strings sold separately LED Strings available in 2, 3, 4 or 5 LEDs per string High-intensity LEDs with wide angle lenses…

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    …Those without an Apex can wirelessly connect to the SKY over BT and operate it via their mobile devices. If you do have an Apex controller, the SKY easily joins your Apex ecosystem simply by connecting its integrated AquaBus cable to an available port on one of your modules or the base unit.…

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    The FMM (Fluid Monitoring Module) is a multi-purpose module that, with the help of various accessories, enables your Apex to do: Flow Monitoring Leak Detection Water Level Detection Power 24VDC accessories Future sensors Return pumps Measuring the flow of your aquarium’s main return pump is an…

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    …time, the Display Module is what you need. Grey case matches new Apex system Orange backlit LCD display 7 soft touch buttons Controls Monitors Compatible with all Apex Controller Systems The wired Apex Display module allows you to always have visual access and control of your Apex system, without…

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    …Systems pH/ORP Expansion Module: Monitor and Control pH or ORP and temperature 6 digital inputs for float switches, water on floor sensors, pressure sensors, etc Full datalogging support in Apex Base module Up to 240 AquaBus modules can be added to the Apex system Plug and Play - Automatically…

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    …Expansion Module: Monitor/Control Conductivity/Salinity and temperature 4 Measurement ranges (0-900 uS/cm, 0-9.0 mS/cm, 0-90.0 mS/cm, 0-50 ppt) 6 digital inputs for float switches, water on floor sensors, pressure sensors, etc Full data logging support in Apex Base module Up to 240 AquaBus modules

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    Lets say your Apex system detects low dissolved oxygen in your aquarium, you could have pumps on standby waiting to be activated when levels hit below optimal as well as send you an email or text message Add the Dissolved Oxygen Module: PM3 to your Apex Neptune System to allow continuous real time…

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    …popular Apex Controller System upgrades. Feed your fish particulate foods, dose liquid additives, and know if a flood ever happens with the Apex Controller upgrade kit! Kit Includes: 1x DoS Fluid Metering Module 1x Automatic Feeding System (AFS) 1x Leak Detection Kit (LDK) DoS Fluid Metering Module

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    …power supplies or consuming additional outlets. The EB832 also has 3 AquaHub connections letting you expand to any existing or upcoming module making your Apex System truly limitless. Neptune didn't stop there, with an all new mounting system on the Energy Bar orients the power strip in the correct…

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    …Carpeting Under RODI Systems Next to ATO Reservoirs Above Protein Skimmer Lids Under Potential Leak Points Next to External Equipment What's Included? 1x FMM Module 2x LD-2 Solid Surface Leak Detection Probe 1x 3ft Aquabus Cable Note: Updating your Apex Controller to the latest AOS is required.

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    …the macroalgae, increasing its efficiency while minimizing wasteful light spillage. NO Apex or DC24 Port Necessary - Works with the 24v DC Power Supply Maybe you dont have a free DC24 port, or even have an Apex at all yet no worries with the optionally available 24v Power Supply, the GRO can be used…

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    module that will control a variety of pumps, via app, simultaneously. Each pump`s features are available, so there is no need for multiple controllers, as the WaveEngine will be able to handle them all. The Hydros WaveEngine app will directly replace mounted controllers and other control modules,

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    …type of reservoir that has up to 1/4" thick walls. Compatible with Neptune FMM Module Magnet mounts to walls up to 1/4" thick Can be mounted vertical or horizontal What's Included? 1x OS-1 V2 Optical Sensor with nut and washer 1x OS-M Optical Sensor Magnetic Mount Note: FMM Module required for use.

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    …control for any apex model! Flow Monitoring Kit Includes: FMM Module 1" FS-100 Flow Sensor 1/2" FS-50 Flow Sensor (Two Included) Two 1" Unions Four 1/2" Adapters The FMM (Fluid Monitoring Module) is a multi-purpose module that, with the help of various accessories, enables your Apex to do: Flow…

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    …possible coverage Lunar Simulator Module Features: Plug and Play - Automatically recognized when installed into the system Comlete lunar simulation Two AquaBus connectors for flexible expansion to other modules via AquaBus Upgradeable firmware Compatible with all Apex systems Includes with 3 Ft.…

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    …or in tight spaces. Be notified if there is ever a leak before it turns into a disaster. Connecting the LD-1 Leak Detector to the FMM module will allow your Apex Controller to notify you if water ever touches the sensor. There are many applications for leak detectors from water on floor warnings,…

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    …Metering Module from Neptune. The FS-25 will work with flow rates from 3-12 gph, and will connect to any standard 1/4" push connect tubing. Usually used with a return pump, this flow sensor can be placed in line with the flow on any pipe, connected to the FMM, and communicate to your Apex the flow…

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    …a safe level again, giving you time to react and maintain the pump. Compatible with any Apex Controller(requires 1Link port) Don't have a 1Link port on your Apex System? Check out theNeptune 1Link Module Need a longer 1Link Cable? Check out the1Link Extension Cable Specifications: Pump Dimensions…

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    …communication from it to your Apex. Setup is simple, click and go. Less wires, fewer configuration headaches, and best of all, less cost to you as a consumer! WAV Pump Requires: EnergyBar 832 or 1LINK Module with free 1LINK source port (not included) Apex, Apex Lite, or Apex Jr. (not included)

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    …will be used, which will result in about 45 days of reagent remaining (which can vary depending on how many times a day you test). Note: Requires Neptune Apex or ApexEL with open 1Link OR a 24V Power Supply and Aquabus cable. Automatic dosing requires the use of the Neptune DoS Fluid Metering Module

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    …overfills. With the ATK v2 you do not need an Apex Controller since it can be run 100% standalone, however with the addition of an Apex Controller additional features can be unlocked and more accessories can be added to the included FMM module. Plug & Play Operation Includes Powerful 24V…

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    …with an LED Controller With the purchase of a separate LED Control Interface Module or the Bluetooth LED Controller, the X series XHO LED strips can be set up for dimming functions and can be controlled with an Apex or other 0-10V controller. The Bluetooth LED Controller works with Apple and Android…

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    The Apex and Apex EL Controllers from Neptune Systems are modular systems that allow you to connect many modules together in either a “daisy-chain” or star topology method. Use this cable to connect the Apex controller, modules, and Energy Bars together. Available in 3 Ft., 6 Ft., 15 Ft.…

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    …The four pump driver outputs on the HYDROS WaveEngine replace the pump controller, power supplies and any necessary external wireless control modules. Best of all, the HYDROS WaveEngine can run four pumps off a single power supply! Needless to say, it is easy to install. Simply toss out your…

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    Connect your Reef Brite LEDs to any controller with the Reef Brite Control Interface Modules. If you have an Apex, ApexEL, ReefKeeper, GHL or any other type of aquarium controller that can manage 0-10V reference devices you can customize the brightness and tweak your Reef Brite LED lights to match…

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    2 Channel Cable to connect two separate LED color channels from your 0-10V dimmable LED light to the Apex System or the Advanced LED Dimming Module – VDM. This cable has a RJ45 plug on one end and bare wires on the other that must be connected in the manner recommended by your LED…

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