Apex Triton

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Apex EL Controller

    …more than one additive delivered by the DŌS (i.e. Triton system).   Simple Reagent Changes When using the default testing schedule of four (4) alkalinity, two (2) calcium, and two (2) magnesium tests a day, the reagent stored inside the Apex will last a full month. And adding new reagent is super…


    Designed For Refugiums! The Kessil H80 Refugium Lights are perfect for growing many different types of algae, most notably chaetomorpha. You can tune the light manually or it is fully controllable through its four different color modes with the Kessil Spectral Controller or any 0-10v controller. …


    Easy to control and powerful refugium lighting! Four Different Grow Modes Full Spectrum Plus UV and IR Dense Matrix LEDs Easy To Hang Manual Adjustment Dials Compatible with H-series Spectral Controller Daisy Chain With Multiple Units   Refugiums Work Most people will look at this light and think…


    …type of algae. You can change between the different spectrums through the built-in dial controls or connect it to any 0-10V controller, like an Apex, or the Kessil H-Series Controller to create daily programs with ever-changing spectrums and intensities. Each spectrum is perfectly blended to offer…

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