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    …of calcium levels to help in maintaining a healthy aquarium.Why test for Calcium?Monitoring calcium levels is essential for keeping a successful reef aquarium. Reef organisms use calcium to build a calcium carbonate skeleton. Over time, as the calcium in the water is utilized, the calcium level…

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    …Mastertronic. Compatible Test Kits Nitrite Fauna Marine (NO2/NO3), Tropic Marin Nitrate Fauna Marine (NO2/NO3), Tropic Marin Phospate Red Sea Pro Calcium API, API Low Range Magnesium Red Sea Pro, Giesemann, Giesemann Low Range, Colombo, Colombo Low Range Iodine Giesemann, Colombo Ammonia JBL Iron…

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    …It is advisable to raise calcium to the desired level over several days and not all at once. The calcium level gradually drops in reef aquariums as invertebrates utilize calcium in the water. It is important to test calcium levels weekly. Check out the API Calcium Test Kit for accurate results.…

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    The API Reef Master Test Kit tests 4 key parameters calcium, carbonate hardness, phosphate, and nitrate to keep reef inhabitants healthy. Testing is fast, easy, and accurate. The kit includes 4 glass test tubes with snap-tight caps, a holding tub, and a step-by-step instructional booklet with a…

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    …phosphate and silicate, common nutrients found in fresh and saltwater aquariums. In saltwater aquariums, excess phosphate lowers the available calcium and magnesium necessary for the growth of hard corals and other invertebrates. Removes phosphate and silicate Removes phosphate, a by-product of…

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