Aptasia Removal

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    …As you start to cover them, they will retract. Just cover them completely! Leave power heads off for 30 minutes or until product hardens. You can remove the hardened shell a few days later. After several hours, F-Aiptasia will create a 'shell' over the anemone and trap it with the caustic product…

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    …body left attached to a rock can regenerate into a full anemone. Many treatments can, therefore, lead to a proliferation rather than the removal of Aiptasia. Through research and development carried out by Red Sea Aiptasia-X was created. This product overcomes the problems usually associated…

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    …JoesJuice and the results will happen within minutes. Aiptasia and Majano Anemones can override a tank in months, causing massive headaches to try to remove them all. By using a small amount of JoesJuice at first sight of the Aiptasia or Majano will eradicate them without affecting water chemistry.…

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