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    Cultivate Zooplankton to feed your fish larvae, invertebrates and corals. 2.5 L Volume (approx. 0.65 gallons) 3.2" Diameter 32" Length 1/4" Hose Connections Wall Bracket and Connections for Air Pump Included

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    Aqua Medic recently updated their design to include a top down air feed tube, and dedicated drain to make things easier and more efficient. Brine shrimp are an easily sustainable food source for your fish. Fish will take to live foods much quicker than any other type of food. The Aquabreed 1000 can…


    ATO systems are very important on saltwater aquariums and can give you more success, and time to enjoy your tank. Aquamedic's Auto Top Off System Pro is a well thought out, plug and play design that incorporates every aspect of a safe and reliable ATO system. Water resistant controller Optical water…

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    Do you have an aggressive or sick fish you need to remove from your tank and he just won't go in the net? Try the Fish Trap from Aqua Medic. The Fish Trap is baited with food and as soon as the fish is inside the trap - release the mechanism to close the trap. The fish is now trapped with water to…

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