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    Keep ahold of your frags with textured nitrile gloves! Disposable gloves are the perfect accessory for the active reefer. They keep your hands clean and protected when you are fragging or cleaning equipment. The thick nitrile gloves have a textured surface that provides extra grip on wet and…

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    …zooanthids. It is excellent to use to wipe down or soak holding facilities or old aquariums for re-use (rinse well after use).   Instructions & Guidelines Shake the bottle very well prior to every use. Wear rubber gloves & goggles when handling! Professional Strength, do not overdose! Add 30 drops…

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    …to aquarium water chemistry that can be extremely harmful, if not fatal, to aquarium inhabitants. The solution that is made by following the instructions below has a relatively high pH and should be handled carefully. It is strongly recommended that protective eyewear and rubber gloves be worn…

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    …designed to be used as a dip outside the aquarium).   Caution - Prior to fragging, research the proper fragmentation procedures for the specific coral specimens to be cut, to insure optimal success and overall safety. Wear eye goggles, and rubber gloves because some marine invertebrates can squirt…

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    …to their natural foods.   Instructions and Guidelines Determine the silica concentration in the aquarium using an accurate test kit before supplementing. Identify all sources of silica in the aquarium (e.g. fresh water, salt mix, etc.) before determining a rate of dosing for this supplement. Begin…

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