Aquarium Thermometer

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    …recommend the use of a separate calibration thermometer during calibration and periodic checks of existing probe condition.   Compatible with: Bulk Reef Supply Aquarium Temperature Controller Ink Bird ITC-308S-A Aquarium Temperature Controller   …

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    Knowing the temperature of your reef tank is very important, and with the Hanna Checktemp HI98509 Digital Thermometer, you can accurately know your aquariums temperature within 0.5°F. Each Checktemp comes with a 3.3' silicone cable that has a stainless steel probe at the end that gives rapid…

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    A large display digital thermometer with Alert feature. Displays both aquarium water temperature and room temperature. Available in °F or °C models. Has four Alert features. (Alarm will sound and LED flashes) * High Temp Alert Only (Probe) * Both High & Low Temp Alert…

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