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    Just 2.1" thick, 36" ATI SunPower High Output T5 fixture provides optimal performance in a slim, contemporary design. Parabolic Miro-Silver reflectors made from silver-coated 98% reflective aluminum for each bulb Active cooling system 2 Power cords - one controls 2 bulbs and the other controls…

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    Create Balance with T5 & LED Lights Over the past few years we have really grown to love hybrid LED/T5 light fixtures for their coverage, intensity, and capability to create a complete spectrum, making it the perfect light for any reef tank. Built-In WiFi Controller Individual Parabolic Reflectors…

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    ATI T5 fixtures have always been on the top of the game of lighting for quite some time.  With the latest technology in T5 dimmable control and proven performance, the ATI Dimmable Sunpower is one of the best lights on the market today.  Compared to other lighting systems there is an unmatched…

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    Updated to ATI WiFi Powermodule Actual model may be slightly different than picture. We do believe right now that the future of reef tank lighting is heading towards hybrid LED/T5 fixtures.  After testing a few with amazing results, the PowerModule has taken the best qualities of all the non-hybrid…

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    Dimmable ballast work with ATI fixtures or can be used in a retrofit fixture. Dimmable ballasts need a 0-10vDC reference for control which can be found on most common aquarium controllers. Specs: 24w - 2 lamps - 120v 36w - 2 lamps - 120v

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