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    …By utilizing an ATO device evaporated water can easily be replenished by the top off unit throughout the day keeping your tank's salinity very stable. Most of the time the location where the sensors need to be placed can be very limited in space.   AutoAqua has released their Micro ATO system making…


    …optical sensor, AutoAqua's Smart Level Sensor will cut power to the outlet when the sensor detects a change in water level. The plug & play design requires no difficult programming and the magnetic attachment makes placement and adjustments of the level sensor quick and easy. The Smart Level can be…


    Connects directly to AutoAqua's Smart ATO and Smart ATO Micro! AutoAqua's Smart ATO DC Refill Pump only takes a few minutes to replace, and in all honesty, they are not the highest quality, but they are low in price, making it wallet-friendly to keep a back-up on hand in case your current one fails.…


    Auto Water Change Plus Auto Top Off    Change your reef tank's water automatically with AutoAqua's AWC system. AWC & ATO All-In-One. Water changes are one of the most time-consuming maintenance tasks with saltwater aquariums. There has been plenty of debate over how much water you should change and…


    …an ATO storage container this may be the option for you. Replacing the stock pump with the Smart Solenoid will easily take under 1 minute. Simply disconnect your current pump from the controller and plug in the solenoid. It is that easy.   The solenoid works in conjunction with the ATO controller…


    Clamps to tanks with rims measuring under 3/4" thick. With a simple screw adjustment your top off tubing will be super secure for years to come.


    …your Smart controllers pump port, plug the outlet into any wall socket, and then your pump into the Smart AC Socket. This is the perfect accessory for any aquarium that may need a pump that produces higher head pressure or a faster flow rate.   Compatible with: AutoAqua Smart ATO AutoAqua Smart ATO

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