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    Why does BRS recommend this? The Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder is our go to automatic fish feeding system. Keeping food dry and dependable dosage amounts creates a great value, to keep your finicky fish eating multiple times a day. The actively aerated feeding chamber gives dry food down to the last…


    The new INTELLI-FEED auto feeder features simple design and programming, keeping your fish food dry and ready to feed up to 4 times a day. Easily program the feeder with touch controls. The mounting bracket is capable of rotating 360 degrees, so you can deliver food at the right spot.   Features:…


    …Controller with the AFS Automatic Feeding System from Neptune Systems. Automate your feedings while you are away on vacation or if just want to remove this from your daily routine, the AFS can feed your tank inhabitants once a day or multiple times a day. Daisy-chain two AFS feeders together to feed…


    The Hydor EKOMIXO fish feeder operates on 2 AA batteries (not included) and has a low battery indicator feature. This feeder offers one touch operation making automatic fish feeding very simple. Choose from settings to feed once, twice, or three times a day. The food container can be adjusted to…


    …up the most popular Apex Controller System upgrades. Feed your fish particulate foods, dose liquid additives, and know if a flood ever happens with the Apex Controller upgrade kit!    Kit Includes: 1x DoS Fluid Metering Module 1x Automatic Feeding System (AFS) 1x Leak Detection Kit (LDK)   DoS Fluid…


    6V Wall Power Adapter will allow the IntelliFeed Feeder to operate without batteries   Just plug it into your IntelliFeed Automatic Fish Feeder and never worry about your fish being fed again!

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    …portal includes a removable cover for feeding larger foods such as frozen or flakes. When feeding pellets with an automatic feeder, the cover can stay on and will prevent even small fish from jumping out. We think that's pretty neat!   The feeding portal will work with any of the common screen top…

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