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    NP-Bacto-Balance is ideal for keeping nitrate and phosphate low while maintaining the important balance between these key nutrients. In many situations, some reef aquariums may develop an excess of nitrate or phosphate while being limited in the other. When this occurs, bacteria and other organisms…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? The Red Sea Reef Mature Pro Kit will help any tank with its biological filtration cycle. Each kit provides the necessary bacteria to innoculate your aquarium as well as the nutrients they need to become established and fully cycle your aquarium, creating a safe, mature…

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    Bacto Blend is formulated with a combination of Halophilic and phototrophic bacteria that work to help stabilize nutrient cycles in the aquarium. It is a concentrated solution that will reach its highest activity level soon after it is added to the tank. Features No bad odor - develops a fresh odor…

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    Fauna Marin Bacto Reef Therapy is especially developed mix for all kinds of marine aquariums. Bacto Reef Therapy contains the perfect Mix of halophilic and probiotic bacteria cultures, removes waste products derived from fish food and helps with degradationof particulate organic deposits and…

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    Liquid carbon dosing concentrate for nutrient reduction in reef aquariums. For the general health and well being of your reef inhabitants, it's beneficial to maintain nitrate and phosphate at very low concentrations. This encourages better coral calcification while also discouraging excess algae…

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