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    The famous Korallen-Zucht Fiji Purple bulb is well known for its ability to give your corals an extra eye-popping color. This low band spectrum bulb (under 400nm) will naturally intensify colors in coral pigmentation after 2-4 weeks of exposure. Red and Blue mix output Does not promote excessive…

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    Originally designed for cutting glass, the Diamond Band Saw from Gryphon Corporation is designed for cutting frags and aquarium rock. Corrosion resistant components. Powerful motor, high speed motor for fast cutting. One square foot of work service plus large reservoir for water conveniently located…

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    …mg/l @1.00 mg/l (mg/l = ppm) Method adaptation of Ascorbic Acid method Light Source tungsten lamp Light Detector silicon photocell and 610 nm narrow band interference filter Environment 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F; max RH 100% Battery Type 1 x 9V (included) Auto-off after 10 minutes of non-use…

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    …reduce aggression and improve their overall health.Traditional and Untraditional seaweed feeding tools have used suction cups, clips and rubber bands that held seaweed with one point of contact and if not secured properly, had the chance of detaching wasting the food and polluting your aquarium.The…

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    This Corrosion Resistant AquaSaw is designed for use with salt water and is generally used to cut corals. It is based upon the regular C-40, but has improvements designed to reduce maintenance when the saw is used in a corrosive environment, such as with salt water. The XL version of this saw adds…

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    Replace the blade on your Gryphon Aquasaw XL. This is the same diamond blade that was originally supplied with your saw. Stainless steel 42" circumference .020" wide .280" deep The blade on the Gryphon AquaSaw can become dull over time generating much more heat and taking a lot longer to make cuts.…

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    …1 and three drops of reagent 2 to the color comparator cube. Add enough of your water sample to reach the 5 mL mark. Apply cap and invert cube several times. Determine which color band best matches the solution in the cube. Kit provides approximately 50 tests. Hanna Test Kit Free Chlorine Manual

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    Replace the blade on your Gryphon Aquasaw C-40. This is the same diamond blade that was originally supplied with your saw. Stainless steel 37" circumference .020" wide .280" deep

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