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    …will get a lot of value out of the Ecotech Battery Backup module. It is one of the easiest battery backup solutions on the market, and once you piece together another battery backup configuration there is a ton of value in the Ecotech line and their battery backup In an aquarium with no flow, fish…

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    Up to 24 Hours of High Air Flow During Power Outages The JBJ Maxum Air Pump is a low voltage AC/DC air pump with a built-in Li-Ion battery. The built-in battery provides up to 24 hours of operation during a loss of power. Easily change between continuous output and interval modes with the built in…

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    …Dimensions: 5.75W x 5L x 3.125H *Note: Depending on the pump and pump controller you are using, the pump may not slow down during a power loss when the battery backup is activated, which will affect run time. Whats Included? Battery Backup Module Battery Charger Installation Cables User Instructions

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    Up to 72 Hours of Reliable Air Flow During Emergencies or Power Outages The Rescue Air USB Battery Powered Air Pump is perfect for any emergency. With the onboard battery and included a battery bank, the pump can be powered for up to 72 hours. It can run continuously or with a 10-second on/off cycle…

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    …configuration. Suction Cups or Velcro tape included for application. Specifications Temperature range: -58° F to 158° F (-50 C to 70 C). Accuracy: to +/- 1.5° F. 41” temperature probe cord for easy configuration. Power: DC 1.5V-LR44 Battery Included Dimensions: 2.25" x 1.5" x 0.5

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    …sludge For use in aquariums with a minimum depth of 12" Fully submersible to 3 Ft. Super fine mesh cartridge traps waste particles and snaps out easily for cleaning Not recommended for fine sand and gravel Specifications Eheim Model Number: 3531090 Battery Life: 4 Hours EHEIM QUICK VAC PRO MANUAL

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    …a battery backup to restore function in the event of power loss, and multiple float sensors to trigger an alarm and stop water supply in the event of overflow. Features High precision stepper motor WiFi control via free mobile App Fully customizable water change and/or top off schedule Battery

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    …Fish Ideal for Most Pellet and Flakes Stainless steel and Cell-Cast Acrylic Construction Reduces Waste and Maintains Water Quality Targeted Portion Controlled Feeding Thumb Operated/No Batteries Needed Clear Window to see food levels Cleaning Brush and Acrylic Stand Included Years of Daily Use

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    …Vectra Battery Backup Booster will plug in directly between the controller on the Vectra series of pumps and the battery backup allowing your aquarium system to have flow in the event of a power outage. Connects in seconds Essential in case of a power outage Auto On/Off mode conserves battery Allows…

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    …x 3.5"W Materials: PVC Board Cord Rails: 3 Cord Guide Slots: 4 Whats Included? CustomEcotech Marine Controller Board Ecotech Marine LED Logo Board Power Supply Remote Control French Cleat Wall Mount 2x Cord Cutout Plugs 2x Velcro Mount Sets for LED Logo Board *Note: Pumps and Battery sold seperately

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    …bracket is capable of rotating 360 degrees, so you can deliver food at the right spot. Features: Silent Operation No batteries required – Built-in Long Life Lithium battery: Rechargeable using Standard USB power adapter Easily add food without removing the hopper or dismantling the feeder.…

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    …allows for a safe connection of your Tunze powerheads to most 12v batteries. It contains a 4 Amp fuse and permits normal operation with the Tunze power supply units. In case of a power failure, it will automatically switch over to a battery or another direct-current source in the instance of a power…

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    …see what the corals actually have to offer. Great for photography Aids in pest and parasite hunting Portable for frag swaps or local fish stores Can be used with the aquarium lights on or off Shows off corals true bioluminescence What's Included? 1x Polyplab Scope Blue LED Flashlight 1x AA Battery

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    …use, the Reef Brite Bluetooth LED Controller opens up new programming options for your Reef Brite LEDs. The Bluetooth LE Controller has a built in battery and internal memory so you never have to worry about losing your light settings or reprogramming in the event of power interruptions. Compatible…

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    …reproducible readings. Large LCD Display Reliable, Repeatable results Auto Off feature turns off after 10 minutes Works with fresh or saltwater 9v battery included Replacement MI412Reagents - Milwaukee MI512 Reagents for MI412 Low Range Phosphate Photometer A good, reliable phosphate test kit should…

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    …alert per stage, up to five stages Default Setting - 12 months Batteries - 2 x AA (included) Battery Life - approx.18 months Base Unit Dimensions - 100 x 63 23 mm (4 x 2.5 x 0.9 in) Base Unit Weight - 119 g (4.2 oz.)(including batteries) Flow Switch Cable Length - 93 cm (36.6 in) Flow Switch Fitting…

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    …light to the outside of the aquarium. The LED light should shine into the entry path of the trap, luring larvae into the trap opening. Whats Included: 1x Larval Trap 1x Battery powered LED light (battery included) 1x Rigid airline tube 2x Suction Cups Note:Air pump and airline tubing not included.

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    …informs you of low battery power. Function keys are splash-proof. Approximate capacity: 100 mL. Dimensions - 6.25" L x 2.875" W x 3.75" H (includes mounting bracket) The EHEIM feeding unit feeds your fish on a regular basis. The compact EHEIM feeding unit is operated by batteries (included). The…

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    …lever to stop the flow of water. 1/4" Push connect fittings Purchase multiple for different locations Simple design with virtually no fail points No power or batteries required Replacement Detector Pads available Note: Leak Detector Pads are 1-time use and will need to be replaced if they get wet.

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    …Range: 0-9990 ppm Accuracy: ±2% Conversion Factor: NaCl (avg. 0.5) Cable Length: 24.5" (including sensor) Power source: 2 x 1.5V button cell batteries (LR44 or equivalent; included) Size: 7.6 x 2 x 4.7 cm (3 x .8 x 1.9 in.) Weight: 79.4 g (2.8 oz.) TDS Meter Installation Instructions

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    …when testing tap water or RO/DI output. Specifications: Range: 0.0 - 14.0 pH Resolution: 0.1 pH Accuracy: +/- 0.2 pH Calibration: Manual 1 point Battery Life: 700 hours Dimensions: 150 x 30 x 24 mm Care Instructions for Longevity and Proper Operation: Always store upright with the cap full of buffer…

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    …Photocell Method - Adaptation of the EPA method. The reaction between copper and the bicinchoninate reagent causes a purple tint in the sample Battery - 1.5V AAA (included) Auto-Off - After 10 minutes of non-use Dimensions - 3.2" x 2.4" x 1.5" What's Included? 1x Hanna HI702 Checker 2x Testing…

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    …Compensation - Automatic from 5 to 50.0 ºC Battery Life - Approximately 100 hours of continuous use Environment - 0 to 50 °C (32 °C to 122 °F) RH max 100% What's Included? 1x HI98319 Marine Salinity Tester 1x CR2032 Battery (installed) 1x Storage Case 4x 35ppt Calibration…

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    …event your internet connection is unavailable. No matter your situation, the HYDROS WaveEngine will work to keep your tank alive! Battery Backup An optional battery backup system (sold separately) is available so that the HYDROS WaveEngine will move into more energy efficient patterns (defined by…

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    …accuracy Zero function allows for zeroing scale before adding additional ingredients Easy to read display numbers Pull-Out Display Requires 2 AAA batteries (included) Platform can be removed and washed by hand only Thin profile allows for easy storage Dimensions: 7.9" x 5.65" x 1.1" OXO has been…

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    …Controller is connected via a PAB* and requires no additional power supply Features Supports all Ecotech Vortech operating modes. Also supports battery backup modes 11 independent channels Also supports Profilux wave functions Operating modes can be scheduled and varied. No extra power supply needed…

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    …Large Multi-Level LCD Two-Button Operation Integrated TemperatureSensor Automatic Calibration Stability Indicator Automatic Shut-Off Low Battery Indicator Battery % Shown at Startup Specifications: pH Range - 0.0 to 14.0 pH pH Resolution - 0.01 pH pH Accuracy -±0.1 pH Temperature Range - 0.0…

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    …palm of your hand or pocket. Use for quick and accurate on the spot analysis. Single button operation: Zero and Measure Operated by a single AAA battery. Range:0 to 500 ppb Resolution: 1 ppb Measurement Method: Colormetric Accuracy: ±5 ppb ±5% of reading Light Source:Photodiode @525 nm…

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    …Energy Saving Instead of replacing batteries, Smart Stir has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery which reduces waste batteries. It turns off automatically after five minutes of operation to save power. The low battery indicator reminds you when to charge the battery. Elegant and Functional Smart…

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    …Detector: Silicon photocell Method: Colorimetric Adaptation of Phenol Red Method Environment: 0 to 50C (32 to 122F); RH max 95% non-condensing Battery Type: (1) 1.5V AAA Auto-off: After 10 minutes of non-use Dimensions: 86 x 61 x 37.5 mm (3.4 x 2.4 x 1.5") Weight: 64 g (2.25 oz.) Checker…

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    …C Battery Type: 2/3 AA 3.6 Volt Lithium Battery Operating Environment: -40 to 85 C Dimensions:2.59"L x , 2.16"W x .71"H Weight: 52 g IP Rating: IP67 Connector Type: M8 ADC Resolution: 24 bits What's Included? SQ-500-SS2 Full-spectrum Quantum sensor AT-100microCache Bluetooth Dongle Batteries AT-100…

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    …RO membrane and DI resin. This unit features a digital display and comes with two 1/4" GA Murdock Quick Connect Tee's with double o-rings to ensure a proper seal. As with all HM-Digital products, the DM-1 comes factory calibrated. Replacement Battery Type - LR44G TDS Meter Installation Instructions

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