Blood Worms

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    …at this time. Blood Worms are one of the primary protein based foods that are fed to freshwater aquariums. Blood Worms have a red iron-porphyrin protein which is found in the blood and tissue of the worms giving them their deep red coloration. Their are Jumbo Blood Worms available for larger…

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    An Excellent Diet For All Types Of Large Tropical Fish - Especially Discus, Eels, and Bettas Feeding Suggestions: Feed only as much as your fish will consume in a 2 minute period multiple times a day. Fish will naturally graze throughout the day and by offering foods at different points throughout…

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    …of Discus fish without the use of beef heart which could lead to liver damage over time. Hikari has incorporated a mixture of shrimp, squid, blood worms, rotifers, spirulina along with necessary vitamins to make highest quality Discus diet available. Feeding Suggestions: Feed no more than your fish…

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