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    Bettix Bottles have two chambers – one for storing liquid and the other for dispensing liquid. Each bottle requires only a single simple squeeze of the bottle in order to fill the dispensing chamber, making it one of the easiest ways to dispense 2 Part solution into small and medium sized tanks.

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    Store your pH and ORP probes in these convenient bottles - protects the probe during storage. Use with pH/ORP Probe Storage Solution


    …0 - 2 ppm NO3 Measurement Range 0.5 - 50 ppm NO2 Accuracy of 0.02 ppm NO2 Accuracy of 0.5 ppm Up to 50 Tests    Instructions: 1. Shake the dropper bottles before use! 2. Rinse out the glass cuvette with tap water and then several times with aquarium water. 3. Fill the glass cuvette with exactly 5 ml…


    …1 year after opening.    Follow instructions and do not add Coral Rx directly into your tank.   How to use Coral Rx Hobbyist Blend: Shake the bottle of Coral Rx. Add 20 mL or 4 capfuls of Coral Rx to 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of saltwater from aquarium. Mix well. Using a small powerhead, keep the…


    …content in reef aquaria for improved health and coloration of inhabitants.   Instructions and Guidelines Please refer to the directions on the bottle's packaging for the most up to date concentrations and dosing instructions. Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.…

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    …for plankton to eat.    Two Sizes Available:  50 mL 200 mL   Ingredients: Crustaceans, glycerine   Feeding Instructions: Using the 50 ml bottle: Shake the bottle well before use. Attach the enclosed hose to the syringe and measure the desired amount of Tropic Marin Zootonic with the syringe. The air…

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    …the simple solutions that include all necessary elements in a balanced formula.    Core7 Reef Supplements comes in two different sizes, 1000mL bottles, which is the perfect size for nano tanks, or if you are just starting the Triton Method. Then they also have the 10L kit and is ideal for larger…

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    New bottle caps coming soon! In the near future, Red Sea liquid additives in the 500mL and 1000mL bottles will come with a "dosing ready" bottle cap. All you will need to do is add the tube to your bottle's redesigned cap and then connect it to your dosing pump for automated, easy to refill dosing…


    …of the bottling date, which can be found on the side of the bottle.   Instructions: Step 1 - Turn off any filters, sump pump, protein skimmer, and UV sterilizer if equipped. Leave powerheads on. Step 2 - Shake bottle vigorously, as algae spores will start to adhere to the inner walls of the bottle


    …not increase the zooxanthellae production even if overdosed. Corals retain their bright, natural color and increased growth.   After opening the bottle should be stored in a refrigerator and has a shelf live of 12 months. We recommend daily dosing (during the dark period if possible) of 1 – 3 drops…

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    …natural ingredients makes a foam when it is sprayed, which helps to target specific spots and to keep overspray to a minimum. The handheld spray bottle means there are no aerosol gasses used, and Tunze even went the extra step to use 100% recyclable plastic packaging with no metal parts. The special…


    …necessary. Rinse the portion (inside and outside) of the feeder that was placed into aquarium water before placing it into this bottle (if feeding directly from the bottle rather than from a separate container); failure to do so will contaminate the product and encourage it to decompose. Restōr may…

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    Reagent refill for Hanna Checker Ammonia MR HI715. 1 Bottle Reagent A 1 Bottle Reagent B Item #: HI 715-25

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    …maintain your reagent bottle to ensure that air does not get sucked up into the dosing lines during a test. We like to always keep a second bottle of reagent on-hand and refill the original bottle that is connected to the 2.1 SA Dosing Pump whenever the level in the bottle starts to get low.   Two…

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    This refill kit for the LaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit includes: 50 BCG-MR Indicator Tablets 60 mL bottle of Alkalinity Titration Reagent B.  


    …be necessary to invert the bottle upside down and tap it to move the gel adhesive to the applicator tip. 4x as thick as previous Oceans Wonders Reef Glue Gel Triple distilled super strong Cyanoacrylate reef glue Marine Grade 100% reef safe Clean, clear finish 1oz bottle is enough for several dozen…


    Solution for cleaning cuvettes (vials) for photometers, colorimeters and turbidimeters from Hanna Instruments. Used with cuvette cleaning clothes 230 mL bottle

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    Properly storing your pH and ORP probes can enhance the life of the probe's electrodes thus extending the life of your probes. Ensures the junction does not dry out Extends probe life Use with Probe Tip Soaker Bottle


    …to marine fish, corals, and inverts, as well as freshwater critters! Average egg size of 1 to 2 mm   Specifications: Moisture - 58.0% Protein - 25.4% Fat - 2.54% Omega3 - 0.5% Omega6 - 0.3% Bottle Dimensions - 2 x 3 x 6 in   What's Included: 1 bottle of Eco Super Eggs with convenient flip-top cap


    …reference solution and then compare those results to the known values printed on the bottle for all of the following parameters. Calcium Magnesium Potassium Salinity Alkalinity Strontium Nitrate Phosphate   Each bottle is manufactured in the Fauna Marine Seawater Research Laboratory and tested using…


    …zoanthid mats, but thick gel superglue has a little more versatility as well as a longer cure time.   Choose from 3 different sizes: 1 oz bottle 20 g tube 10 oz bottle (includes two dispensing tips)   Note: Dispensing tips may clog after use, but can be cleaned with acetone to remove excess glue.…

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    …16,000 ppm Magnesium, 4,000 meq/L Alkalinity   Instructions Mixing: Fill bottle approximately 3/4 full with RO/DI water to and shake. Once mixed, top off with RO/DI water until level is up to the neck of the bottle. Once full dissolved, your product is ready for use. Dosing: Shake well before…


    …on the O-ring every time you replace the filters.  Dow 111 O-ring lubricant is used to prevent the O-rings in RO canisters from binding up when tightened and provides a tight seal. We usually have a bottle of sitting with our replacement filters.   Available in Single Use tube or 5.3 oz tube.  

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    …vitamins to aid in the growth and coloration or your corals. 100 mL bottle of Red Sea Reef Energy A (Carbs Nutrition) Red Sea Reef Energy A contains a formula of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and proteins. 100 mL bottle of Red Sea Reef Energy B (Aminovit Nutrition) Red Sea Reef Energy B…

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    …of the bottling date, which can be found on the side of the bottle.   Instructions: Step 1 - Turn off any filters, sump pump, protein skimmer, and UV sterilizer if equipped. Leave powerheads on. Step 2 - Shake bottle vigorously, as algae spores will start to adhere to the inner walls of the bottle


    …the bottling date that can be found on the side of the bottle.   Instructions: Step 1 - Turn off any filters, sump pump, protein skimmer, and UV sterilizer if equipped. Leave powerheads on. Step 2 - Shake bottle vigorously, as algae spores will start to adhere to the inner walls of the bottle during…


    …to clean the nozzle (including the tip) of the K-3 dropper bottle with a paper tissue. Even if the nozzle looks clean and dry. Do this by applying a slight pressure on the tissue while cleaning. Do NOT put the cap back on the K-3 bottle until the test has been completed. An extra testing vial is…


    …drops per gallon.  The previous version called for 1 drop per gallon.  Please see the label on your bottle to determine how much to use.  If the bottle says to use 1 drop use 1 drop, if the bottle says to use 4 drops use 4 drops   Ingredients - Reagent grade ammonium chloride, purified water   Shelf…

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    …Tip - Work in small sections with straight sanding strokes. Refrain from using a circular sanding motions.   Kit Contains: Handheld Buffer 2 oz. Bottle Rainbow Micro-Gloss Polish 3" Dual Sponge Pad 3" Lamb Wool Buffing Pad 3" Crystal Loop Pad - 1500 grit 3" Crystal Loop Pad - 2400grit 3" Crystal…


    100mL Bottle Rapidly trigger coral feeding responses in corals, inverts and other marine life within seconds of it being introduced to your tank. The increased feeding response give your corals the ability to absorb more food each feeding. 18 Amino Acids 12 Fatty Acids Natural Astaxanthan pigment  …


    …pressure, and also the working pressure. Each regulator also includes a safety pressure-relief valve.    Connecting the Tunze CO2 Regulator to your bottle only takes a few seconds. Just close the pressure adjustment valve all the way, screw the union nut onto the cylinder, connect your favorite…


    …You will need to remove the main connection point to the regulator with an Allen wrench on most regulators.   For smaller systems a large CO2 bottle can take up quite a bit of room, and may be the difference in being able to run a Calcium reactor. Paintball CO2 canisters are widely available…