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    Use these OXO Good Grips Mixing Bowls are great for dipping corals. Find the size that suits your needs or buy all three because they stack neatly when not in use. Non-slip bottom stabilizes bowl Easy to grip, non-slip handle Wide lip for a mess-free pour Available in 1.5 Qt, 3 Qt and 5 Qt…

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    Traditionally used as a strainer to rinse vegetables or drain pasta, we thought this would be perfect for dipping corals. Fits neatly into the 5 quart coral dipping bowl from OXO. Soft grip handles Four feet for stability Dishwasher safe


    Traditionally used as a vegetable steamer, we thought this would be perfect for dipping corals. Long handles will keep your hand dry while allowing the corals for full submersion. Fits bowls greater than 7" diameter. Rolls up for easy storage when not in use Dishwasher safe


    Compact scale to accurately weight your 2 part aquarium additives. Easy to use - weigh directly on scale or on plate or bowl. Display pulls away from scale when a large item shadows the display. Available in white or black 5 lb capacity - weight indicator shows capacity left Measures in 1/8-oz (US)…

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