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    Bracket, you can suspend your Atlantik V4 fixture over your tank, or combine your custom blend of OR3 LED bars into a clean, low-profile and attractive light array that can hang above your reef. Orpheks technology, quality, and conceptual design are evident in the Universal LED Mounting Bracket.

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    …Instructions: Place the power supply in the mounting brackets and use the Velcro straps to secure the brackets in place on the power supply. Remove the adhesive backing from the temporary mounting tabs on the back of the brackets. Place the bracket where you want to keep the power supply and press…

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    …2.1" / 11cm x 5.3cm Unit Weight: 0.8lb / 0.37kg Spectrum: 6000K to 9000K Power Adapter: 100-240V AC (input) 19V DC (output) Power Consumption: 90W max What's Included? 1x A360X Tuna Sun 1x Power Adapter 1x AC Adapter Cable 1x DC Extension Cable 1x Hanging Ring 2x Metal Screw Hook 2x Hanging Bracket

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    …bring out incredible colors and fluorescence in your corals. Each Quad Kit includes four Reef Brite Blue Actinic XHOs, as well as the mounting brackets, in-line dimming switches, and wire hanging kit. The only required components are the primary LED fixture and mounting hardware. Features Reduced…

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    …(10 - 20mm) *Height is measured to the bottom of theAtlantik fixture **Reach is measured to the center of the Atlantik fixture What's Included? 2x Aluminum Vertical Brackets 2x Aluminum Light Support Brackets 2x Aluminum Tank Clamps 2x Plastic Tank Protector Sheets Mounting Screws & Hardware

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    …the RMS Multi-Light Arms RMS Arm - Vertical pieces that mount to your tank and support the RMS Multi-Light system RMS Slides - Adjustable mounting brackets that attach to the RMS Track and support the Radion LED lights Multi-Light RMS Track Lengths Track Length Model Number BRS SKU Number Fits Tanks…

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    …can be completely removed and reinstalled from the aquarium in a matter of minutes. Specifications: Aquarium Width Range: 22.5" - 32" Max. Glass Thickness: 3/4" What's Included? 1x Vertical Mounting Arm 1x Horizontal Mounting Arm 1x Hinged Bracket 1x Tank Mounting Bracket 1x Light Mounting Bracket

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    bracket that has a pre-punched hole for the pressure gauge to mount onto. Two Models Available: Z-Style Triple 10" RO Canister Bracket With Pressure Gauge Hole Z-Style Triple 10" RO Canister Bracket (no additional hole for a pressure gauge) What's Included? 1x Z-Style Triple 10" RO Canister Bracket

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    Take control of your aquarium’s pH with an IceCap CO2 Scrubber If you’re struggling to maintain pH or if your aquarium suffers from chronically low pH despite your alkalinity being spot-on, connecting an IceCap CO2 scrubber to the air intake of your protein skimmer is a great way to…

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    Single bracket for standard 10" x 2.5" and 20" x 2.5" RO canisters.

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    Hang-on bracket for standard size AquaMaxx BioMaxx Reactor and standard size AquaMaxx Media Reactor.Two-piece design allows for easy installation. Note: Will not work in Euro-Braced Aquariums.

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    Dual Bracket for Standard 10” Canisters

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    …XHO or TECH LED lights to your Supra Quad or Slim Line LED brackets. Each kit includes a set of 4 brackets that allows you to mount Reef Brite XHO or TECH LED strips to each side of a Supra Quad or Slim Line T5 Fixture. The brackets can be attached with the screws already included with the Supra…

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    …Adapts Sumps Without Sock Trays Add the Klir Di-4 Fleece Filter to sumps without sock trays or to DIY sump applications using the Klir Filter Bracket. The Flow Diverting cap will work with a variety of sumps with 4 inch filter sock holes Features: Dual Submerged 1 inch inputs Compatible with…

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    bracket. 10” Long RO Canister Screw - #10-12 x 1"- The long screw is required for the few holes where additional brackets or clips (ex. membrane housing clips) are installed. 20” RO Canister Screw- #14 x 1" - 20” screws are used for attaching 20” RO canisters to a RO bracket.

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    Membrane housing clips are used to attach the membrane to the RO mounting bracket as well as to attach additional membranes or filters to the original membrane. 2.5" is the standard membrane size. Typically use 2" clips to attach smaller inline carbon filters. Three Options Available 2.5" Membrane…

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    bracket for standard 10" x 2.5" RO canisters. Triple U-Style Brackets are perfect for replacing your current RO/DI bracket or if you are building a new RO/DI system on your own. Our brackets are white and include multiple slots for different mounting styles and orientations. The metal brackets are…

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    …with Aquatic Life hybrid fixtures that use the 16" end plates. The rectangle LED mounting brackets are a direct fit, and let you customize your fixture for your aquarium. Each kit comes with two brackets that can accepta wide variety of different rectangular LED modules like the Aqua Illumination…

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    Single Bracket for 10" and 20 Big Blue RO canisters.

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    …Overall Height - 0.6" Width - 0.4" Stand-Off Distance From Surface - 0.375" Single Tube Bracket Length - 0.96" Dual Tube Bracket Length - 1.45" Triple Tube Bracket Length - 1.93" Quad Tube Bracket Length -2.42" What's Included? 5x 1/4" Tubing Brackets 10x Mounting Screws3 Note - Tubing not included

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    …this option for applications such as remote automatic water change reservoirs and drain lines. Coupled with the Neat Aquatics 1/4 RO Tubing Brackets, you can keep your tubing clean, organized and out of the way, and achieve a truly professional-looking setup. Features White polypropylene…

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    …with the Bubble Magus T11/T12 Dosing Pump Bracket you can place the pump system anywhere inside or outside of your stand.The bracket can be fastened to any solid vertical surface, and once mounted you can rest the T11 or T12 dosing pump system into the bracket. Specifications: Dimensions - 10" x 8"…

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    …DC Pump Max Head - 7.2 feet Pump Flow Rate - 74 gph Max Mounting Tank Thickness - 0.5" Pump Dimensions - 1.7"L x 1" W x 1.45"H Warranty - 12 Months Water level detection - Optical What's Included? 1x Dual Optical Sensor 7' Tubing with Mounting Bracket 1x Optical Sensor Gaurd 1x Power Supply 1x Pump

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    …be set to either 12 or 24 hours. If the float switch hasn’t been triggered off within the set time the valve will close and an alarm will be activated. What's Included? Tunze RO Water Controller 8555.000 Solenoid Valve Power Supply Float Switch Brackets & Mounting Hardware Owners Manual

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    …or wall brackets. HMS Multi Light Track - Select the track that matches the length of your tank HMS 32or HMS 64Bracket - Custom brackets that hold your particular Hydra LED light and lets you slide and spin each light individually for the perfect positioning. What's Included? 1x Hydra 64 HMS Bracket

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    The Bubble Magus Dosing Pump bracket can hold the BM-T01 dosing pump system and will let you mount it within your aquariums cabinet or directly to a wall. For use with Bubble Magus BM-T01 & BM-T02 Dosing Pump Systems. Dimensions: 9.75" x 8.0" x 2.5"

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    …and programming, keeping your fish food dry and ready to feed up to 4 times a day. Easily program the feeder with touch controls. The mounting bracket is capable of rotating 360 degrees, so you can deliver food at the right spot. Features: Silent Operation No batteries required – Built-in…

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    …replacement hanging kits for the Maxspect Razor X5 LED Light Fixtures. The hanging kits will allow you to suspend your light from the ceiling or wall brackets over your aquarium. Each hanging kit includes everything required to hang a Maxspect Razor X5 LED Lights. What's Included? 2x Hanging Cables…

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    …Aquatic Life hybrid fixtures that use the 16" or 18" end plates. The circular mounting brackets are a direct fit, and let you customize your Aquatic Life Hybrid T5 Fixture. Each kit comes with a single brackets that can a wide variety of circular LED modules up to 4.3" in diameter. They work great…

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    …carry replacement mounting brackets for our BRS dosing pumps. Now we do! This is the same bracket that is included with our BRS 1.1 mL and 50 mL dosing pumps. Only one mounting bracket is required per dosing pump allowing you to mount the pump in any orientation. The bracket can be held by screws…

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    A well-built acrylic bracket designed to hold the tubes of the Bubble Magus Dosing Pump or any other dosing system in place on the side of the tank or sump. Securely holding your dosing tubes will keep them from falling into the water and clogging or even worse out of your sump and dosing 2 part…

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    …to install Precise, directional water flow Safe, low voltage, 24VDC Upgradeable to Bluetooth for mobile devices Easy to install magnetic swivel bracket Pump prefilter guard protects the pump from food particles, debris or even small fish from clogging the impeller Lock Mode provides the ability to…

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