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    Why does BRS recommend this? Biological filtration is the number one key to a nice and stable reef tank, and anytime we can sneak in some MarinePure Biomedia into an All in one tank, sump, or even overflows we will. We have run density tests and they have proved to be more porous than any live rock…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Reef Chili has been tested by universities and has been proven to help accelerate coral growth at a very low cost. With fresh ingredients that don’t need to be frozen, and is a must-have for any tank with filter feeders. Reef Chili provides corals with all they need to…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Trigger systems has been making sumps for quite some time now and they have won us over with their attention to detail, practical designs and overall aesthetic appeal. With the ability to modify the sump to your needs with adjustable water levels, interchangeable plates…


    BRS 5 Stage Drinking Water RO System Instructions   The BRS 5 Stage RO Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis System includes all the essential features necessary to start making pure RO water for your saltwater tank as well as supply drinking water at 75 gallons per day.   Drinking Water Features: 3.2…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? All of the BRS reactors come with easy to use push connect tubing, flow control, and a refillable cartridge.  We took easy to find components to keep things cheap while designing an efficient easy to refill reactor for aquarium use.  We keep hearing our reactors are the…

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    …3   Dimensions - 15.25" x 6.25" x 14"   What's Included? 1x Triple Deionization Canister Assembly 1x HM Digital TRM-1 Triple TDS Meter 5 Feet Blue RO Tubing 1.25lbs BRS PRO Cation Color Changing DI Resin 1.25lbs BRS PRO Anion Color Changing DI Resin 1.25lbs BRS PRO Mixed Bed Color Changing DI Resin


    Why Does BRS Recommend This? If you have hard to remove contaminants, your city uses chloramines, or you just are not sure what is in your water the BRS 7 Stage Pro Plus RO/DI system is the perfect solution to make ultra-pure water for your saltwater aquarium. The Triple DI Saver system uses…

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    …Dimensions: 14.5"H x 5.5"W x 5"   BRS biopellets are made from 100% natural Polyhydroxyalkanoates. PHA is a natural substance produced by bacteria to store carbon and energy which makes it the ideal solid carbon source for denitrifying bacteria in the aquarium. BRS bio pellets are produced by a…


    Sold by the Foot. Why does BRS recommend this? For ultra-quiet plumbing a small section of silicone tubing is key. We recommend at least a small piece to isolate pumps from the ridged plumbing. Silicone tubing can kink fairly easily, so it isn’t the best to use in locations with hard bends, however…

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    Silica gel beads for Ozone Air Dryers. Starts blue and turns pink when saturated. Bake in oven at at 300° F for 3 hours to recharge to blue. 1.5lbs DI Air Dryer Media (Desiccant).

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    Show your support for BRStv! Lightweight Breathable Cotton Pre-Shrunk Shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton produced by Gildan.   Sizing Chart Length - Shoulder seam at collar to bottom hem Width - Armhole to armhole across chest Size Length Width YXS 20.5" 16" YS 22" 17" YM 23.5" 18" YL 25" 19" YXL…

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    …also recommend having an extra refillable cartridge on hand to make changing media that much easier. Deluxe BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor comes with the following features over our standard BRS reactor. Sleek black styling Heavy duty built In bracket Included elbows for easy hose routing Pressure release…

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    Pro-Clean Gravel Wash system is perfect for experts or beginners. The included squeeze ball makes starting the siphon very simple, By just pumping the ball a few times the siphon will prime. Water changes and keeping the substrate clean are two of the biggest secrets in the hobby too long term…

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    The HI774 Ultra Low Range Phosphate Checker® is a cost-effective way to measure phosphate in marine systems, including reef tanks. Excessive phosphate levels can prevent calcification, skeletal formation, and growth of many coral species, particularly those referred to as SPS or small-polyp stony.…


    Salt Measuring Made Easy! Made of durable BPA-Free plastic with a rubberized rubble handle, Mr. Chili's Salt Measuring Cup is perfect for any dry or liquid measurement. With graduations every 1/4 cup but also 50mL, ensuring you have the correct amount of media or salt is super simple. Holding up to…


    Create a plumbing masterpiece. Schedule 40 PVC Pipes for your plumbing needs in Purple. Solid color with no text written on pipe Sold in 46 inch lengths Sharper look than white Schedule 40 PVC Compatible with Schedule 80 PVC Available in 8 Colors Green Orange Grey Violet Yellow Black Blue Red

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    …combed cotton, the BRS Vintage T-Shirt is the only shirt you will ever catch Mr. Chili wearing. Lightweight Super Soft Breathable Cotton Pre-Shrunk Midnight Navy Color Super Soft with Modern Fit   Shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton produced by Gildan.   What's Included? 1x BRS Vintage Logo T-Shirt

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    Somatic by Vertex Three stacking dosing vessels that help save room and fit perfectly in the corner of the Somatic 60 Filtration System letting you store your favorite liquid additives right next to the sump. Great for 2 part systems Graduated volume markings Works with any liquid additives Crystal…


    Maintain temperature control to provide a safe and stable environment for your tank inhabitants with the Finnex HMO Titatium Digital Control Heater. Digital accuracy within to +/-2°F keeps water temperatures at a constant level.   HMO-100: 100W – 20-30 Gallon tank - 6.7" Long HMO-200: 200W – 60-80…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? If you hook up your RODI system and have low pressure or an issue with the amount of product water you are producing, there is a good chance are a booster pump will solve the issue.  The Booster pump kit will come with everything needed to get it hooked up to your RODI…


    Dry your hands, tools and other equipment with the BRS Towel. Keep one in your stand at all times! 100% cotton Brass grommet to hook or hang Selvedged hems prevents fraying   The BRS Hand Towel is a traditional golf style towel that includes a brass grommet and clip that you can hang on or inside…


    …sit until all the salts have fully dissolved before use.   What's Included? 6x BRS Pharma Calcium Chloride 1-Gallon Mix 6x BRS Pharma Soda Ash 1-Gallon Mix 1x BRS Pharma Magnesium Mix for 2-Part Maintenance 3x BRS One Gallon Mixing Jugs with Caps - Jug color may vary between translucent and opaque…


    BRS Bulk Biopellets work to remove nitrates produced when fish foods and resulting waste break down. Maintaining low nitrates is key to maintaining the best coral coloration, healthy fish and avoiding algae outbreaks. We recommend 1 cup (236 ml) of BRS biopellets per 50 gallons of system volume.…

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    …The BRS system uses a balanced 1:1 calcium to alkalinity ratio that keeps dosing simple and doesn't require you to be a math wizard. In most cases, the amount of BRS Alkalinity solution you need to dose will match the amount of BRS 2 Part Calcium solution required.      Mixing Instructions - BRS

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    Ratchet clamps are perfect to secure Braided Vinyl tubing to barbed fittings. If you are using silicone or traditional thin wall tubing we highly suggest measuring the outside diameter of the tubing you will be working with to select the correct ratchet clamp. Choose from ratchet clamps for the…

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    …leaky lids like other reactors. BRS recommends a Sicce Syncra 1.5 pump to operate this reactor. Sold separately or packaged with the pump. Choose a different pump depending on mounting height and amount of media used. Not for use with biopellet media.   The Dual BRS GFO and Carbon Reactor features…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Felt filter socks give the best qualities of trapping free floating debris to give your tanks water that crystal clear appearance.  Felt filter socks with the plastic rings make replacement quick and easy, and most sumps will readily accept the BRS felt filter sock.  In…

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    Keep yourself warm during the cold months! The BRS Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt is perfect for any occasion and super soft. If you are going to a forum meeting, frag swap, convention or even a family event, the full zipper front lets you adapt to the environment, without having to remove it completely.…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? MarcoRocks Reef Saver Live Rock is one of the most unique rocks that are available on the market today. Reef Saver is a sustainable product since it is not taken directly from the ocean and does not impact living coral reef structures in any form. Combined with their…


    Works with all BRS 4 Stage RO/DI Systems This kit is designed to treat all primary water sources that are treated with chlorine and wells with low amounts of contaminants. This kit will work with all BRS 4 Stage RO/DI Systems and most other RO/DI units on the market today that use industry standard…


    These replacement pads will replace the removable foam pads found in one BRS Carbon and GFO cartridge. Kit includes two foam disks. Designed for new hard shell clear cartridge.


    10” hard shell, clear, refillable media cartridge for BRS reactors. Fits all versions of BRS reactor including older models.