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    Why does BRS recommend this? Reef Chili has been tested by universities and has been proven to help accelerate coral growth at a very low cost. With fresh ingredients that don’t need to be frozen, and is a must-have for any tank with filter feeders. Reef Chili provides corals with all they…

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    …dosing Bulk Total Package Makes up to: 6 Gallons of BRS Liquid Calcium Solution 6 Gallons of BRS Soda Ash Liquid Alkalinity Solution 2 Gallons of BRS Magnesium Mix for 2-Part Maintenance 10 Gallons of Tropic Marin Part C Mixing Instructions: BRS Pharma Balling Method Calcium Liquid Solution - Fill…

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    …a new 1 Micron BRS Universal Carbon Block and a BRS Color Changing DI Refill. This kit can be used with NEW 4 Stage BRS RO/DI systems as well as legacy systems and all major competitor 4 stage RO/DI systems that use standard 10” filters. Purtrex 1 Micron Sediment Filter BRS Universal 1 Micron…

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    Coral Hemostat forceps are one of our favorite tools for fragging SPS corals. Straight Hemostats allow you to break small frags off while maintaining a good grip so that they don't fall to the to the bottom of your tank. Available in 6.3", 8" and 9.5" Long Staight Hemostat Forceps

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    …alkalinity, trace elements, & magnesium in your reef! Easily add Trace Elements To Your BRS Two Part! The BRS Pharma Hybrid Balling Method is the answer for implementing trace elements alongside the BRS two-part you know and love. Easily make single or multiple gallons of each solution at a time…

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    The most stylish T-shirt known to man for doing water changes or gallivanting about your next coral convention! BRS T-shirts just got the Mr. Chili treatment with a sleek, understated new silhouette logo. This might be Mr. Chili's best work yet, and it's already a favorite of the hardcore reefers in…

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    …tools and other equipment with your own Mr. Chili Hand Towel. Keep one in your stand at all times! 80/20 cotton/poly blend towel 14"W x 32"L The BRS Hand Towel is a traditional cotton towel that will quickly soak up little splashes around your tank or around the house. Put one in your gym bag,…

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    Keep yourself warm during the cold months! The BRS Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt is perfect for any occasion and super soft. If you are going to a forum meeting, frag swap, convention or even a family event, the full zipper front lets you adapt to the environment, without having to remove it completely.…

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    The BRS General Bonding Glue has been selected to provide the perfect consistency for aquascaping projects where a thinner glue is needed to get into small gaps between rocks and bond them together. BRS General Bonding Glue is reef safe and ideal for aquascaping with dry live rock. Lower viscosity…

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    …mounting bracket, and directions 6' electrical cord BRS Top Off Dosers are intermittent duty pumps and not meant for continuous operation. We recommend on/off cycles under a few hours to maximize life span. This is a higher RPM motor than the BRS 2 Part Doser and may make a small amount of noise in…

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    Reinforced braided vinyl tube is far superior to normal vinyl tubing because it seals better on barbed fittings and is extremely kink resistant. Very popular for the saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Extremely Kink resistant Made from non-toxic PVC Reinforced with spiraled polyester yarn to reduce…

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    BRS 2 Part stickers can help you keep your calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium solutions separate and avoid accidentally putting solutions in the wrong container. It may have happened to you before; you spend all that time measuring and mixing your two-part solutions, begin adding them to your dosing…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Having the ability to monitor the salinity of your reef tank is a very valuable piece of information. Usually, if something is to go wrong with your tank, you will usually see a change in salinity from temp, to a top off unit being stuck on, if you have a Neptune Apex…

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    …mL) of BRS biopellets per 50 gallons of system volume. Available in four sizes: 16 Ounces 32 Ounces 64 Ounces 128 Ounces BRS Bulk Biopellets are made from 100% natural Polyhydroxyalkanoates or PHA and are an excellent solid carbon source for denitrifying bacteria in the aquarium. BRS Bulk Biopellets…

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    …chloramines, call your water treatment center or city hall and ask. They should also be able to provide you with a water quality report as well. Each BRS Reverse Osmosis Chloramines Monster contains a Pentek CRFC20-BB Radial Flow Carbon Filter and is ideal for chloramine taste & odor reduction…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? We make a screen top for every tank we set-up at BRS! Clear netting lets about 99% of light through unlike glass or acrylic all the while keeping your beloved fish and critters in. Build a screen top for your aquarium on your own with one of our DIY Kits. We now offer…

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    …success and replicate the BRS 160 KZ dosing combination. Korallen-Zucht has a proven track-record of success with their system, but with such a wide array of additives, it can be intimidating and confusing trying to figure out which ones to use. With the BRS 160 KZ Coral Bundle, weve hand-picked…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Every tank we set up at BRS we make a screen net top for. They will save you a ton of money down the line after you have a few fish jump out of your tank, and you find them on the floor. About half of reef fish will jump high enough to get out of a tank, and unless you…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? When it comes to filter carbon we are pretty picky and wouldn’t recommend any ordinary carbon. The ROX carbon in our opinion is the best carbon on the market, only requiring half as much as most standard carbons. It may cost a little more upfront, however being…

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    …to recharge to blue. 1.5lbs DI Air Dryer Media (Desiccant). Silica gel beads for Ozone Air Dryers Starts blue and turns pink when saturated Bake in oven at 300° F for 3 hours to recharge to blue. Available in 1.5 lbs and 3.0 lbs. 3.0 lbs fills Cartridge refill for BRS Jumbo Ozone Air Dryer.

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    Why does BRS recommend this? One of the biggest devastating accidents with an aquarium can be a leak or overflow. An overflowing tank or leaking piece of equipment can cause a ton of damage especially if you have nice floors around the tank. The ALD module will hook directly up to any Apex…

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    …600W 5A @ 120VAC 14.0" / 1" up to 200 Gallons 72" What's Included? 1x Bulk Reef Supply Titanium Heater Element 1x BRS Heater Suction Cup Mounting Kit 3-Year Warranty Note - This is only the heating element and does require a controller to operate. BRS Titanium Aquarium Heater Element Instructions

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    Choose the high quality fish net that meets your tank’s needs. Available in Three Sizes 3" 5" 8"

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    Add SPS coral bone cutter to your tools for coral propagation. Great for cutting stony corals especially flat stonies like Montipora. Available in 5.5", 6.3" or 7.5" Stainless Steel with Bulk Reef Supply logo Rinse thoroughly with fresh water to reduce rust build up from saltwater

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    Extension tube for Drew's Doser. Drew's Dosers extension tubing is great for replacing your current worn out, old tubing, or simply just replacing the tubing you have for a new additive. Specifications Outside Diameter: 1/4" Inside Diameter: 1/8" Note: Sold by the foot.

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    …in every aspect of their system. When you buy a Bubble King, you are getting a skimmer that you can count on to deliver years of reliable service. BRS Recommended for tanks up to: Heavy Bioload (Most Common)- 75 Gallons Medium Bioload - 106 Gallons Light Bioload - 132 Gallons Skimmer Specifications:…

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    …faster growth and more brilliantcoloration of your coral. All BRS additives mix crystal clear and do not leave any nasty residues or brown impurities behind like other calcium and alkalinity additives. Makes over 12 gallons of BRS Bicarbonate Liquid Alkalinity Buy in bulk and SAVE MONEY Resealable…

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    …1x BRS Titanium Aquarium Heater Element (1200w kit includes two heating elements) 1x BRS Heater Suction Cup Mounting Kit (1200w kit includes two suction cup mounting kits) 1-Year Heater Controller Warranty 3-Year Heater Element Warranty BRS Titanium Aquarium Heater Element Instructions BRS Aquarium…

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    …Value systems are compact, portable, upgradeable, and most importantly affordable.All BRS RO/DI systems reflect the latest in reverse osmosis technology with updated filters, components and design updates. BRS 4 Stage Value Systems are perfect for reefers who have water treated with chlorine, and…

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    Sold by the Foot. Why does BRS recommend this? For ultra-quiet plumbing a small section of silicone tubing is key. We recommend at least a small piece to isolate pumps from the ridged plumbing. Silicone tubing can kink fairly easily, so it isn’t the best to use in locations with hard bends,…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? All of the BRS reactors come with easy to use push connect tubing, flow control, and a refillable cartridge. We took easy to find components to keep things cheap, while designing an efficient easy to refill reactor for aquarium use. We keep hearing our reactors are the…

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    …6x BRS Pharma Calcium Chloride 1-Gallon Mix 6x BRS Pharma Soda Ash 1-Gallon Mix 1x BRS Pharma Magnesium Mix for 2-Part Maintenance 3x BRS One Gallon Mixing Jugs with Caps- Jug color may vary between translucent and opaque white 2x 1oz Dispensing Pumps 2x 100mL Measuring Cups 1x 100mm Funnel 2x BRS

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