Brs Peristaltic Dosing Pumps

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    …average BRS 2-Part Dosing Pumps will output 1.1mL per minute but may vary depending on your supply of power and what other equipment is being run off of the circuit. We do suggest running the pump for 10 minutes and collecting the liquid from the output to know how much the pump will dose in a…

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    …on/off cycles under a few hours to maximize life span. This is a higher RPM motor than the BRS 2 Part Doser and may make a small amount of noise in operation but is much quieter than most dosing pumps in this flow rate range. Mounting the pump to the inside of a wooden stand will amplify sound.

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    peristaltic pumps providing minimal wear with superior abrasion resistance with a wide temperature range. We do not suggest using this pump for auto top off systems. Due to the slow flow rate and the motor's long duty-cycle, it is best suited for intermittent use and we highly suggest using a pump

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    Replacement tube for Drew's Doser peristaltic pump. For easier replacement, use Drew's Doser Tube Lubricant.

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