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    …detrimental to bryopsis algae. Previously known as Algae Buster, Reef Flux is an aquarium fluconazole treatment that is effective against fungal fish infections. To avoid unintended nutrient spikes it should not be used in tanks with refugiums that have Caulerpa and Bryopsis.   …

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    …plague type algae growth and dinoflagellates in Reef Tanks. * Strong and effective solution to remove nuisance algae, dinoflagellates and Bryopsis algae. * Does not harm corals * Does not destabilize the aquarium system. * DINO X is not a treatment for Cyanobacteria. …

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    …aquarium water once every week. Maintenance Mode - Add 1mL of Vibrant per 10 Gallons of aquarium water once every two weeks.  Bryopsis or Turf Algae Treatment - Add 1mL of Vibrant per 10 Gallons of aquarium water twice every week.    Since every aquarium…

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