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    …unique stage that the Calanus is at in their life cycle when they are sustainably harvested. Guaranteed Analysis:Crude Protein - 12% minCrude Fat - 6% minCrude Fiber - 1% maxMoisture - 73% maxPhosphorus - 0.2% minAstaxanthin: 120ppm PE Calanus Ingredients: 100% Calanus Finmarchicus Feeding…

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    All Natural, High Protein food for Fish, Coral, and Filter Feeders! Calanus (arctic copepods) are all-natural and a great source of carotenoids and anti-oxidants. The freeze-dried copepods are perfect as a stand-alone food source or can be added to any DIY food mix to increase the nutritional…

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    …Protein: 55% (min) Crude Fat: 20% (min) Crude Fiber: 5% (max) Moisture: 5% (max)Astaxanthin: 440ppm (min) Ingredients: Freeze-Dried copepods (Calanus finmarchicus, C. hyperboreus, C helgolandicus) Feeding Instructions Freeze Dreid foods will have a natural tendency to float until they are…

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    …Goldpods provides the ideal nutrition for numeroussaltwater fish and corals. The high-quality calanoid copepods collected from the Arctic seas, Calanus finmachicuscan be added directly to your tank without having to thaw or mix with any other additives or liquids. It is perfect for broadcast feeding…

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