Calcium Reactor Media

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    …GFO is most commonly used in a media reactor like the BRS reactor or media bag.   Phosphate inhibits proper coral growth by incorporating itself into the corals skeletal structure which makes it difficult for the coral to grow by laying down additional calcium and carbonate (alkalinity) ions.…

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    Maintain the calcium in your tank by adding a Skimz Monzter E-Series CM202H Calcium Reactor. Rated for tanks up 1320 gallons (5000 Liters) Feed Rate: 317 - 528 GPH (1200-2000 LPH) Dual Stage Chambers Circulation Pump: Skimz E5000 Power Consumption: 82W   Features: Hand-crafted with high quality…


    Dosing with Kalkwasser is an effective way to add calcium and alkalinity to your reef tank. Be sure to test and make sure your calcium and alkalinity levels are correct before beginning Kalkwasser dosing. Pure calcium hydroxide from Two Little Fishies Available in 2 kg or 500 g

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    reactors and output can be easily tuned with the calcium reactor's effluent valve.   Caribsea ARM CaRx media - Coarse ARM Coarse Reactor Media is made from aragonite and is an excellent source of calcium carbonate for reef. The coarse media works well to maintain steady flow through the media bed…