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    Why does BRS recommend this? Those who have used Cepex ball valves know they are worth every penny.  Most hardware stores carry cheap ball valves that over time get hard to turn and can break pretty easily.  Cepex ball valves will last a lifetime with super smoother operation. We are…

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    If you need to relocate your Cepex Ball Valve, and the slip connection ends permanently bonded into your current plumbing, you can now replace the union ends, saving tons of money! Cepex Ball Valves are easily the best valves on the market, with their smooth action and long life of reliable…

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    …  Available for the following size Cepex Ball Valves: * 1/2" Cepex Ball Valves * 3/4" Cepex Ball Valves * 1" Cepex Ball Valves * 1 1/4" Cepex Ball Valves * 1 1/2" Cepex Ball Valves * 2" Cepex Ball Valves   What's…

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