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    Check valves allow one directional water flow and are used to prevent back flow and siphoning. These are among the highest quality check valves to be found. Relative to other types and manufacturers of check valves, these valves create minimal pressure loss. They are commonly used on return pump…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Check valves are always a good idea to have, however when it comes to reliability you get what you pay for. There are other good check valves on the market but we feel that the Georg Fischer Wye check valve is by far the most superior. They have a removable plunger that…

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    …is a very inconsistent bubble count. Another problem that can be a major issue with other checkvalves is water corrosion or mineral buildup, which is made even worse if exposed to saltwater.No checkvalve that we have used or tested in the past seems to last very long when used with saltwater (even…

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    Check valves allow one directional water flow and are used to prevent back siphoning. They are commonly used on return pump outputs to prevent water overflowing the sump in the event of a power outage, pump failure or maintenance. Slip x Slip Connection must be permanently glued The golden rule of…

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    …1/8" x " 90 check valve RO membrane housing* " tube splitter 5 Feet of Red, White, Blue and Black RO Line *The included 90-degree elbows and check-valve come pre-installed on the RO membrane housing. DOW Filmtec 75 GPD Membranes have a 96% - 99% typical stabilized salt rejection rate that can be…

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