Chloramine Monster

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    …19,000 gallons of RO water. Chloramine is different than Chlorine and is used in 10% of U.S. water supplies. Standard RO filters will not remove chloramines from the water. If your household water supply contains chloramines install the Chloramine Monster before your current RO system. If…

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    Approximately 10% of city municipal waters systems use chloramines to process water. Standard RO filters will not treat chloramines properly. If your water supply contains chloramines and are in need of a high output application the Pentek CRFC20-BB ChlorPlus Radial Flow carbon block is ideal. To…

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    Genuine Replacement O-ring for Big Blue RO Canisters Compatible with: * Jumbo Reactors * Chloramines Monster * Jumob Air Filter * any other 5" diameter RO Canister   Replace your worn out or damaged RO canister o-rings with these. They are made from the…

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