Clams On The Half Shell

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    …puffers will all delight in hovering around the shell to pick out the delicately flavored meaty parts. As an added bonus for Puffer Fish owners, the clam shells provide a natural means for grinding teeth and preventing painful overgrowth. Ingredients: Un-cooked Baby Clams, Natural and Hand-Shucked.

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    …protective shell to help keep them safe from preditors which seak their highly nutritious meat. Hikari offers clams with half the shell removed to make feeding as simple as dropping the shell into your tank which will sink to the bottom, and then your fish will naturally graze of the clam meat. The…

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    …and other organisms that lay down a calcereous skeleton or shell, including tridacnid clams. It is chemically very similar to calcium, and many organisms incorporate it in their skeletons along with calcium, so it's worth keeping tabs on levels to ensure they're within range. Features 50 titration…

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