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    …necessary. Maximum recommended usage is twice per 5 day period. Reoccurrence of cloudy water after Clarif-SW has been employed to satisfactorily clarify water is an indication that issues referred to in Technical Background (opposite panel) may need to be addressed. The long-term successful care of…

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    …and are always coming up with new methods and additves to help make reef keeping easier. Coral Snow Plus is exactly that, an easy to use liquid clarifying solution that will now help reduce and stabilize phosphate levels in saltwater aquariums.    Coral Snow works great for LPS,…

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    …to the amount of water movement in the vessel; that is, faster water movement decreases the time required for the mix to completely dissolve and clarify, assuming that samples are prepared using the same salt blend.  Companies selling sea salt blends have been hyping the speed with which their…

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