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    …Shrimps, Squid, and Seaweeds for an Ultra Palatable Fish Food Cobalt Aquatic's Ultra Shrimp & Vegi Grazer Pellets are great for almost any type of marine fish, but your tangs, blennies, and fox face fish will absolutely love Cobalt's Ultra Pellets. The pellets contain no artificial…

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    …Perfect for pico and nano sized fish with small mouths * 2mm (4oz) - The most common size used for all types of marine fish * 3mm (8oz) - Ideal for bigger fish that prefer larger chunks of food   PE Pellets are a palatable, highly digestible food specifically designed for…

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    cobalt, proteinate, calcium carbonate, sodium selenite, shrimp meal, corn starch, soy lecithin, fish oil, choline chloride, guar gum, sorbitan mono-stearate, sorbitol, carotene, astaxanthin, TBHQ (preservative)   Note: Due to customs restrictions we are unable to ship any type of food

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    Premium Flake Fish Food from Cobalt Aquatics designed to promote consistent growth and color. * Spirulina-based formula for freshwater and marine herbivorous fish * Nutritionally balanced, palatable, high algae content formula * Enhanced with Probiotics to improve digestion and…

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    …texture, Hikari pellets resemble the foods your fish would instinctively eat and are great for all fish including finicky eaters. Hikari Marine A pellets also include spirulina and other color enhancers to bring out the best colors of your fish.   One Size Available *…

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    Cobalt Aquatics Coral Food is a complete nutrition source for your corals in an easy to feed powder. * Available in .7 oz or 1.7 oz * Feeding Instructions: For 20 gallon tank - Mix 1 included spoonful into 1/2 cup tank water. Pour in or target feed. Begin with 3 feedings a week and…

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